“You can give advice, but don’t tell me how to run my own life.”

Posted on January 25, 2015 11:47 am

As teenagers, we are very close to our parents, sharing everything with them. But as we mature and start to develop a curiosity about sexuality, we always find ourselves desperately seeking some answers.There is barely any dialogue about sex education in most families, and certainly no professional sex therapists to turn to.According to a new study on sex as a human physiological need, sexual intercourse needs are the same as air, water or food means to human beings. Of course, unlike water, food and air, any of us can still survive without having sex, but can develop an imbalance or even mental disorders if they don’t find sexual fulfillment according to the study I’ve just finished reading.In most countries, it’s still considered taboo to talk openly about sex something liberals like me hopes can change, along with the general perception of women.It’s ridiculous to find men who want to see women totally covered up, but at the same time they watch blue films and are drawn to women who dress sexy.Me thinks that giving sex and porn addicts the chance to talk about their problems is important.

Sex on google street view in south australia(http://www.contadorharrison.com/sex-on-google-street-view-in-south-australia/)
Sex on Google street view in south Australia on April 10th 2013

There are actually a huge number of sex and porn addicts in each country, but most of them would never consider seeing a psychologist, out of shame.Laws criminalizing pornography are another factor, but few of us can do little about.Your blogger is aware that a topic as sensitive as sex is likely to evoke some negative reactions but social media relationships are no strangers to controversy and in some costing lives.Last week, I bought a female magazine that caused some heated discussion with a friend because of provocative poses in lingerie by stunning female models.Him being a moralist and staunch Catholic, I never bothered to argue for more than two minutes. I brushed the criticism aside.“What, I am not allowed to be buying and seeings as an adult? I don’t see anything wrong about that,” I told the middle aged moralist who thinks even cleavage is porn. I’ve no idea why some people misunderstand other people’s intentions and end up accusing others of defending and promoting, pornography.

“Moralist immediately judged me and my thinking,” and “It was pretty bad when the whole arguments happened. He said bad things to me, which was really upsetting and it’s quite ridiculous, since porn is not the way things are in real life.Nobody is always horny and no woman starts to moan or feels aroused when a man has been touching her for one second.Women need time and are not like car engines that start in a split of a second. Whenever I share stories about sex in the society, I do receives crude e-mails treating me as if I were a porn star.”Two years ago, a friend of mine went through a divorce, a difficult time in anyone’s life, though I’ve no personal experience.In some countries, being a liberal is a little like being like a devil, and people expect you to always be right. In case of my friend, people were so quick to point the finger and asked her, ‘How come your marriage failed? You’re a son of a priest.’ ”The lady from Newcastle in Australia, considered giving up her job but I was one of those who encouraged her to keep pedalling. Contador Harrison is the kind of a bloke who can talk about sex the same way he talk about a pair of new jeans.Because in the end, it’s everybody’s own decision to say and do as they wish!

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