Working digitally:Happy employees make happy companies

Posted on January 5, 2015 10:52 am

In all urban areas, commuters are probably some of the bravest and most patient creatures anywhere in the world, thanks to their daily practice of spending hours on the road, dealing with the chaotic traffic jams and poor public transportation in their commitment to their jobs. The lucky, and probably smarter ones, though, have the privilege to stay at home or basically anywhere they feel like including coffee shops and pizza joints and make a living stress-free from the hustle and bustle of the urban areas. “Forget the brick and mortar office. As long as there is an Internet connection, Contador Harrison can work from anywhere. The ultimate freedom of setting my own working hours, not having to dress up for work or commute to the office are just a few of the things that today’s tech employees can boast about to office based colleagues like administrators. Even during trips around the African continent, I have been able to get work done on the road despite the crazy schedules related to my office commitments.But hold your breath because there are plenty of things to consider before deciding to bid farewell to your current career. Me think that the whole ultimate-freedom thing, no matter how tempting it sounds, is not suited to everyone.

I have a female friend working in San Diego in California who has been inspired by what I do and so she decided to leave her job and joined a company that allows programmers freelancing. But later on, she found out that freelancing work just didn’t suit her.Enhancing and maintaining the self-discipline and motivation to stick to my chosen working hours and working through to-do lists and meeting the deadlines that I have set, the unpredictability of hoping to get the projects I handle for the company and make the money we need, and absence of having workmates support are just some of the things that those of us working digitally have to deal with. To ensure a bright future, in spite of all the uncertainties, your blogger recommend first-time freelancers should look ahead and set a detailed plan.It was a tip given to me by one of my mentors. Working digitally means factoring things like how much money I earn, daily and monthly expenses, which projects I will run and there’s really no shortcut and one has to write down all these little details. One can’t be a digital worker just for the sake of the freedom.In my case, I had to fully understand my strenghts, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that are really important as well.Before I quit from 120 Collins Street based company in Melbourne job, I started blogging for various sites and that generated quite an income.

So with that, I knew what I wanted to do, what my strengths were and what I could sell but ultimately my love affair with coding and adventure landed me in Finland. The working style of Somocon Group of companies is the most convenient for me because I don’t have to commute to and from work every day nor be in Finland all the time but I’m still able to deliver but the key here has been to manage my time effectively and make myself comfortable.Somocon Group of Companies immediate CEO Mr.Heikki Makila believed in being productive, creative and most importantly happy, which I can described is as a result of his flexible working hours.In reality, as long as the individual possesses positive attributes, such as being proactive, self-motivated and full of integrity, and is supported by a targeted work culture, then a flexible work style as the opposite of an outside-work lifestyle can work. In short, happy employees really do make happy companies.And if more companies show themselves willing to embrace this kind of working style like Somocon Group of companies, then maybe, just maybe, there will be fewer commuters on chaotic streets, with less need to bravely and patiently practice the art of spending hours on the road especially during this winter season.

Contador Harrison