Women,children are main victims of trafficking in Africa

Posted on July 9, 2016 12:07 pm

In a disturbing study,women and children remain the most vulnerable to human trafficking and forced labor with the security agencies across Sub Sahara Africa uncovering more cases where children and women are, again, the primary victims.Two days ago, one of the researcher involved revealed two separate cases of illegal transportation of East African workers to Thailand and Middle East. It also uncovered a case of child exploitation. According to the report whose copy I have, the researchers say recruiters had first trapped victims by pushing them into mounting debts and then forcing them to accept jobs offered by their recruiters. In some cases, victims were offered promising salaries working abroad, even though they had to pay between $1,000 and $3,000 of transportation fees. The researchers say that cases of African smuggled overseas was made possible with the help of former government officials that managed to maintain network with certain individuals working for state institutions in charge of transporting African overseas.African women smuggled for sexual exploitation in Middle East, for example, were recruited by former officers of the intelligence agencies and ex immigration officials and in some cases ex military personnel were involved.The researchers said that a joint effort by the African countries police and their Asian and Middle East counterparts found that 908 African women from West Africa and East Africa had been trafficked to work as prostitutes in Thailand, Malaysia and Middle East after being exploited for around two years.

Each of the women was forced to serve to a minimum of five visitors per day, for which work they got no payment. They were promised jobs in restaurants in Middle East before falling into the bitter trap. One researcher told me that they managed to crack down the trafficking ring after two of the victims, who has been identified by her initial JM, escaped the scene and flew back to an East African country. She quickly reported to police and one of the researcher was informed as well.Three persons, one of whom was known to have connection to the immigration office in the unnamed East African country, helped to arrange fake passports for each victim. Each of the trafficked women had to pay $1,000 for the passport. The investigators also found similar mode of job offers by another recruiters to lure 130 East and West Africans to work in Malaysia. Each of the workers had to pay between $900 with a promise to earn more working at plantation and construction sites. They, however, ended up neglected and homeless there. Half of the victims have been sent home while the authorities are searching for the rest with the help of their embassies. The authorities have arrested several people for manufacturing electronic visa for visiting and studying for all victim. The researchers and a team of detectives are further investigating the cases. More people might be implicated in trafficking Africans in Asia but because of corruption few expect the criminals to face any justice. Cases of forced labor of Africans could also be found at home as report revealed more cases yesterday of 28 children between 14 and 16 years old being exploited to work in a spa in a Middle Eastern country. These children, who are natives of Africa, were forced to work at a local spa after borrowing certain amount of money from their recruiters in East and West African countries in connivance with their family members. The investigation into this case is underway as the authorities has yet to find a suspect.

Contador Harrison