Why women are obsessed with make-up

Posted on October 12, 2015 12:00 am

According to research, 21st century women are more expensive to maintain on average to than pets and cars combined. I have female friends of diverse cultural and racial backgrounds and none of them go without make-up. Men like me must accept the fact that women and make-ups are like bird and feathers and cannot do without each other. Few can afford to show makeup-free face to “beau hunters.” Single women are the most make-up obsessed with most of them flocking high-street beauty stores for reason they know themselves. I have been asking myself if a woman would feel far less attractive, less confident and more vulnerable without a full face of make-up.” Being “outback” in choice when it comes to preference of women, natural beauty and bare face would for me any day. A female friend recently told me that she does not like make-up but was forced to put or she will be exposed completely. Every month on average there’s another beauty or beauty products health scare. Whether it’s French breast implants two years ago, or just sunshine itself, there’s always somebody to tell women and men who are conscious about their looks that they are under threat from yet another everyday activity or usage of certain beauty products. By the way, I don’t care about my color and looks and for those who don’t know I don’t apply even oil on my skin.

People have been told that the food they eat, and the make-ups they put are harmful to their bodies and are causing irreparable damage but few bother to listen.However, research reveals that because we are all living longer, beautiful bodies, while science has advanced to the stage where beauty products, medicines and surgical procedures are safer and more effective than ever before hence the reason why cosmetic industry is one of the fastest growing in the world. I am just asking where does the truth lie? Who can we believe? How do we know whose advice is worth listening to? Examining the truth behind the headlines, drawing together the leading experts in cosmetic field to examine these questions. I have been surprised to find that many ‘scientific’ truths about cosmetics that circulate every now and then as facts, it would be better to compare them to urban myths and don’t have the backing in the scientific community that is often claimed for them. I got negative messages after posting how gerontophobia is a burden to families two years ago.Multiple research have found that young unmarried and divorced middle aged women spend at least more than half an hour preparing before meeting their partner. Many female friends I know whom I’ve engaged in this topic wearing make-up isn’t just a way of looking attractive but it is a classic example of demonstrating confidence and projecting a “cosmetic” image of who they are expected to be.

The deceiving generation or the “lost generation” according to a gray haired bloke friend of mine think that putting make-up makes someone more alluring and me think that before venturing into the cosmetics expert opinion is required. I recently saw a tween with make up that matched her big fat mother who would look much better by trimming the flab. As you might be aware, the vast majority of beauty products scares are not overdone. There are plenty of cases of illness attributed to cosmetics residues in skin and hair. There is no difference in harm between “organic” cosmetics that manufacturers have intentionally made expensive to dupe women and men who adore make-ups and modified cosmetics pose hazard to the consumer just like the former. Sometimes the media full of half-baked fashion and beauty writers and journalists are a little too sanguine and are very economical with truth. They have advocated for products use without advocating regulation. For instance skin related diseases brought by use of cosmetics are a very real problem. Whilst it is possible to become fat by drinking huge quantities of sugary fizzy drinks that are in fact a major contributor to obesity, similarly, it seems that only a few unfortunate people will come down without diseases as a result of using cosmetics. However it is still not entirely certain that we are not seeing the tip of a huge pandemic with an incubation period of tens of years.

Certainly there was no way of knowing at the time that the users of cosmetics would not succumb and the only rational response to is to have bare faces around us. Some would argue Contador Harrison is fashion bigot but the general panic and cost used to treat such illnesses justifies my argument. It is possible to argue about specifics and the main thrust is that we live in a silly, fad-driven in which pseudo-scientific ideas about beauty and cosmetics have gained currency, and are even incorporated into official pronouncements in some western countries like Germany, Japan, Australia, France and United States. That seems to be indisputably true as the extent of cosmetic propaganda is unrivalled. People with a smattering of knowledge and a familiarity with the fashion and beauty claim to be experts in mainstream print and electronic media. Am not an advisor on whether our men and women should put make-up or not but it is a fact that cosmetics are causing health problems, and are horrid. One of the most provoking studies that I have come across is what one researcher describes as passive cosmetics illness. For example kissing a woman who suffers from skin related diseases caused by harmful cosmetics could see the kisser from identical skin illness. Apparently, and I see no reason to dispute the statistics and research, a person exposed to passive sprays smoke inhales the equivalent of ten parts per million of toxic air annually. Such a small exposure is most unlikely to lead to any effects, and indeed studies have not shown any conclusive link. All in all we cannot accept the usage of false science to get its way through an industry that has employed millions of people worldwide with optimism to creating millions more in the next decade. Cosmetic fads are not just a minor phenomenon and in the absence of any real beauty presence in public life, they act as an alternative source of modifying faces to create a fake look.

When cosmetics are cleared from beauty stores, they also have a huge economic impact both for tax authorities and supply chain from factory to retailer. A seemingly rational concern with cosmetic leads to the confusion of an individual welfare with virtue, the mystification of the concept of the natural, ultimately a failure to accept the inevitability of much illnesses and the certain inevitability of death like the French company accused of selling sub-standard breast implants that had denied that the homemade gel used to fill them posed any danger to women. The breast implant scandal triggered a global health scare after inspectors discovered vats of industrial-grade silicone outside French company Poly Implant Prothese in 2010. Ultimately the potion of essential cosmetics from regulated or standardized beauty stores would be the first step on the road to healthy and safe make-ups. Me think it would be timely and responsible individual evaluation at the beauty fetish phenomenon that has made tweens, teens, youths, mid life crisis sufferers and aged to spend enormous cash trying to look different. My article was not meant to document a problem of significant human and scientific importance or try to imply that the problem can be cured by state regulations or science. The solution is an individual application of Aristotle’s “five senses in addition to nociception’s cutaneous receptor.

Contador Harrison