Why Isolate myself

Posted on August 4, 2014 10:30 am

As a coder and blogger, I only surround myself with colleagues and a few friends which means I have ample time to reflect and analyse situations. Reflection time is extremely important because it helps me determine if I can bring the coding talents to the next level or I just remain a vocational type of a programmer who keeps running in that hand wheel every day without any greased idea. Every week, I take time to be quiet and without any disturbance to focus on growing my knowledge, coding and analyse business opportunities to the next level through reflection. As a fellow ‘Somoconian’ – name I coined to describe people who work with Somocon Group of companies, told me the reality is that I will never have all the answers to my problems. But as Isis Xiomara Herrador, an American criminologist told me in 2011, there is someone out there who has all the answers that I am seeking. Therefore, it is important to surround myself with an assortment of people who are smarter and wiser than me to inspire and provide me with new perspectives on my current situations and challenges.

If I was the smartest person in the company, then it would be ideal for Contador Harrison to change companies. But that is not the case with me at Somocon Group of companies. There are plenty of ‘razor sharp workmates’ who always challenge me to embrace creativity as a core element of success in technology industry because every tech firm is so similar in their deliverables and promises. Hence, every company focuses on differentiating itself from the rest by injecting one to two unique elements into its offerings. Somocon Group CEO Heikki Makila, in 2009 told me that how a company cultivates creativity to conceptualise it through constantly putting itself through new experiences that force the mind to learn different types of knowledge and form new connections that help a company view markets and reality differently.Today, I know very well innovation and failure are twins because not all experiments will turn out to be successful and innovation only occurs with frequent trials. Everyone aspiring to be a success story, should work smarter because each on of us has the same hours in their day and isolating yourself is part of the strategy.

Contador Harrison