Why I think hotel Wi-Fi is a basic need

Posted on January 2, 2015 05:34 am

In this day and age when most people take their laptops, tablet computers and smartphones wherever they go, wireless internet access or Wi-Fi is becoming an increasingly important amenity in public places, particularly if the guest is on a business trip. If I go for a holiday, the availability of Wi-Fi is a secondary concern and it doesn’t affect my choice of where to stay. If I travel for Somocon Oy business purposes, however, I would definitely look for hotels with Wi-Fi. I guess it depends on the location and type of hotel whether it’s located in a popular tourist area or an area that is good for business, and whether it is more a business or leisure-type hotel. If I go for a business trip to somewhere in the world where I know I will have to work and use an Internet connection, I definitely pay attention to whether or not the hotel has Wi-Fi. On the other hand, if I want to have a relaxed vacation away from coding or meeting’s hustle and bustle, I choose lodgings with a minimalistic style and basic facilities. A bungalow with no television, no Wi-Fi and no telephone connection does justice to me. Just the minimum facilities to relax and get out of my normal day-to-day life. A book as a friend for a few days is more than enough. Many luxury hotels in the cities have embraced these demands by providing free Internet access to cater to the particular needs of their guests.
Some hotels provides a complimentary hot spot area in their restaurants while others offer free Wi-Fi in their limousines as well, thus allowing guests to access the Internet with their mobile devices from the hotels’ chauffeured cars. I know of a hotel that provide iPads in the limos, which guests can use freely.The fact that some luxury hotels provide complimentary Internet access throughout their establishments and some choose not to is bound to raise questions. Most hotels have free Wi-Fi in the coffee lounge or lobby but not in the rooms. If you look at places like food and beverage where people hang out, dine, drink and relax, Wi-Fi is always present because it makes a difference and it is considered a basic need in today’s lifestyle. Other places I have visited in 2014 offers Internet-connection-inclusive rates and non-inclusive rates and also additional Internet daily vouchers for those who suddenly find themselves in need of Internet access. They also offer an Internet support service through a 24-hour in-house IT division, which they call the “IT office Service”, to troubleshoot connection emergencies at any time of the day. No doubt hotels have invested a lot of money on Internet connections and technology and are offering unlimited Internet speeds for each of their guests in order to provide the best service.But whats matters is that at the end of the day, if a guest wants the comfort of in-room Wi-Fi, they usually don’t mind paying for it, rather than get it free with annoying low connection speed.However, if they do mind paying for it, they can always use mobile networks instead.For businesspeople, mobile networks are still the main network to access the Internet. It would be crazy if Contador Harrison had to arrive at a hotel first before being able to reply to an email.

Contador Harrison