Why I love extreme gaming with Smartphones

Posted on March 16, 2014 05:37 pm

For a moment forget about the stereotype of gamers being baby faced hooded blokes in dark rooms. This is the age of the “thirty plus”, like me who plays games on their mobile while standing in the supermarket queue or waiting for coffee in a restaurant. “Contador Harrison love playing games on his phone because it’s an easy way to fill in small pockets of time that crop up from my tight schedule. If nothing’s going on with Twitter then I reach for a game while sipping coffee which unfortunately I am naturally addicted.” Smartphones have become an essential gadget that allows busy individuals like me to keep pace with the present dynamic environment. Smart devices have become affordable and now almost everyone has a smartphone that fits their varied lifestyles. Having an iPhone or Android powered devices is now considered basic gadgets and few would argue that smart devices are one of the most revolutionary gadgets ever invented with their purpose deemed crucial in helping us get on with own daily errands.

I love games that use my brain and games that are connected with friends. So, mobile games are a huge favourite and I love them and like playing games all the time whenever time allow. Currently, my top mobile games vary. Some of them are Words With Friends: similar to Scrabble that I always have the capacity to challenge friends or strangers around the world, and share comments about my moves. Having deep Finnish connection, Angry Birds comes naturally. Simply put, there are birds, and they’re angry about pigs stealing their eggs. The other one is Sims Freeplay where I create my own world, a world where I have total control. I cannot afford to sideline Fruit Ninja. This is a game where fruit falls and I get to slice it. It’s very simple and that’s why it’s such a quick play game that has won few fans. True gamers will agree with me Tetris is a fabulous game. This is a game where I have to stack falling bricks. Unlike computer games, smart phone games retain my interest with level upgrades and new colors to draw with. Furthermore, during this hard economic time, is that they are mostly free and much easier to download onto the phone and on average takes matter of seconds. While gaming, the gamer does not have a limited amount of time to answer and the game goes at the gamer’s pace. If I choose, the game can send notifications to my phone, informing me it’s my turn. That’s why extreme gaming is super cool on mobile phones.

Contador Harrison