Why I loathe discrimination of homosexuals

Posted on February 22, 2014 02:14 pm

As a libertarian, I have no problem with what an individuals choses in their life especially bedroom matters. The fact is that I have an elaborate reason for having no categorization of friends and for those who know me very well know that any kind of discrimination puts me off. This morning I had a stormy chat with a bloke who hates (I prefer to use the word dislike instead) those who practice homosexuality. If Contador Harrison sees a blud’s kissing his lovers’ lips there is no need for me to be jealous and instead should go look for a woman. So why are certain people in societies so obsessed with bashing same sex couples? In my universe, I classify the sex world as a cathedral for “F” that stands for failure, fun and fearless. Each one of us would want to have fun and none want to be a failure but when it comes to fear human beings are distinguished between those who are either cowards and brave. In most countries across the world, any public displays of affection by same sex couples is considered by cowards to be distasteful and disgusting behavior that should be punished severely. Brave people like me stand against such misplaced thinking.

A study conducted ten years ago in Australia showed that mainstream media was largely to blame for spreading homophobia in the country. According to researchers, print and electronic media should employ ethical responsibility in carefully considering the message they wanted to spread to Australians about same sex, as it had a great effect on values in society. Until today, Australia remains one of the few developed countries where emotions ran high and a big chunk of country’s 23 million people has strong opinion on homosexuality. The influence and role played by mainstream media in United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Europe in guaranteeing laws were enacted to protect individual rights has not been replicated in developing world and a few developed countries where the conservative idiots has unrivaled power, money and influence. Bloke I was having a chat with is unashamedly a hater of homos and unlike those people who prefer neutrality in matters same sex, and he told me that media has influenced values and shaped his opinion on homosexuality. In 21st century, extremism in less relevant topics such as homosexuality is an indication of how ancient practices still dictates who we are.

Normalizing a demeaning tone towards the homosexuals, lesbian, bisexual, transgender would be a step in the right direction to avoid bringing permissive attitudes to the world’s most vulnerable minority groups. The same sex community are prone to violence, be it sexual, physical and worse them all emotional attacks that one can hardly go a day without. In developing world where bullying and molesting them is a daily occurrence, studies have shown it has led for increasing rates of suicide among the young Gay community members. We live in societies where mentally bankrupt and stupid individuals believe in reversing gains made in supporting Gay community and have created an environment in which people have come to accept that discriminating them is the best way to punish them. Holding radical views on homophobia like the bloke I was with does not win you society support and whether you agree or disagree with the world is more sexually liberated that Mao and Stalin eras. Whenever I listen to Lady Gaga’s music that promotes and tolerates Gay Community it gives me hope that the future for minority groups looks brighter.

I’m tired of seeing homophobic articles in mainstream newspapers something that was the preserve of gutter press, online and offline comments, and buffoons who think that homosexuality is something that deserves ridicule and those practicing it should be alienated and dealt with. I have no objection to those forming public opinion against Gay community but they should act like tolerant and civilized people and they should be more careful with homophobic views that violate human and individual rights. Since late eighties I have heard plenty of stories and read how intolerance, attacks in society on minority groups are engineered by those who think they can control what people do in in their bedrooms. The time when minority groups’ rights were violated and perpetrators left free are long gone and people who believe in individual freedom should support the minority groups. Today’s chat with my friend will not be the last time I will encounter homophobic individuals or groups. The Cambridge educated male reminded me that there is still a long way to go before the Gay community is treated equally in our societies and Contador Harrison believes that there is something societies can do when the minority in our society are faced with discrimination and that is why I have decided to speak out about how even educated are intolerant with same sex groups.

Contador Harrison