Why I celebrate with our mothers

Posted on May 12, 2014 02:31 pm

To me, a mother is female who has gone through the pain and process of bringing up a child. Without them, me and you will not be around. The mother is the source of strength and stability for the family. According to history, Mother’s Day celebrations were started by early Greeks and Romans, who held the Spring festivals dedicated to maternal goddesses. Early Christians observed a festival in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Therefore, Mothers Day is very special celebration in many other parts of the world observed on May 11, 2014 every year to pay tribute and honor to the woman who gives birth, takes care of the family, rears children and sees to their physical, spiritual and values formation from infancy to adulthood. Families over the years have been expressing love and respect for mothers through special treats and gifts. Back in the days when I had all the free time, I did it either handwritten letters, flowers, chocolates, balloons, and cards that I specially crafted in school to my mother. At both elementary and high school, we used to devote lessons on how to remember our mothers and shower them with love and attention on Mother’s Day and one that will never go away was after the 1996 massacre of 30 people in Tasmania that left a schoolmate without a mother.

During my time in United States in early noughties, families used to treat mothers to lunch or dinner in their favorite restaurants, malls and even some places of recreation. In United States, the idea of an official celebration for mothers was suggested by Julia Ward Howe in 1872 who wrote a Mother’s Day Proclamation, urging mothers to campaign against war and three decades later Anna Jarvis of Grafton, West Virginia, pushed for her mother’s dream of a day to honor all mothers and because of her efforts, US President Woodrew Wilson declared in 1914 the second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day and made it an official holiday. Every year, I take half an hour second Sunday of every May to honor the most important woman in my life, the mother. She has been the guiding light and the beacon who hold our family together. However, countries celebrate it on different dates and differently according to culture and tradition. In New Zealand, Australia, and Canada celebrate it on the 2nd Sunday of May while a friend living in Barcelona told me that Spain’s Dia de la Madre(I speak fluent Spanish need no Google translator) is observed on May 6 while Finland’s neighbor Sweden, the celebrations takes place last Sunday of May.

Contador Harrison