Why dating sucks

Posted on June 7, 2016 12:02 am

Am proud to be single and ready to mingle but not dating. As a millennial with libertarian view of life, a dating culture really doesn’t exist in my life.I may sound disgusting for those hunting for love but that’s me! Go to first or third world countries and any lady will tell you there is a man drought.All over the place, there is a shortage of eligible men as the odds stack up against the girls in the dating stakes.Statistically, for a decent woman to find a male partner, it is harder than looking for a job.Some parts of the world have been man drought-declared like it happened with Eritrea, a country in the horn of Africa few months ago.In the typical dating age bracket of 18-35 which is where i belong women outnumber men by the hundreds. Ladies unlucky in love might think about a road trip to a bachelor hot spot like night clubs, brothels etc. A blonde woman whom I know very well and in her late twenties, gorgeous, highly educated and currently pursuing her masters degree, recently made appreciate why I have for a very long time disliked dating. She shared a story online about how a neck of the wood bloke thinks she’s amazing but isn’t skinny enough for his tastes.Apparently, the lack of skinniness has the bloke fearing performance difficulties and hence he can’t date her.The lady who knows me from childhood sought my view because I’ve in the recent past posted stuff about nudity and defended women’s value irrespective of their weight and looks.

She is not an ordinary woman of pretty average weight and, by global standards, she has extraordinary beauty and to me, being rejected based on her appearance shows how ugly dating has become.I do agree that all men have different tastes but what surprised me was whether that bloke knows anything about our overweight sisters. Her story was sorrowful and unlike her, there are very many women out there crying and feeling sorry for themselves for being rejected on the grounds of their weight.As a man, I dare say that attraction is one of those quirky things whereby lashings of individual correctness and the smart social engineering by female counterparts to broaden beauty standards has little impact.Overall, while I hold the view it makes my friend story even more vomitus that a woman as chic as her is deemed too fat to date, I wonder what hope exists for the rest of those who are fatter and less chic.The comfort i can give my sisters out there both younger or older than me is that sexual desire is subjective. I advised her that not every bloke will find every skirtie attractive and that’s just the griminess of life and sooner she lives with it, the better.In fact, I encouraged her to avoid dating because in one way or the other, it will be disappointing and in some cases depressing.

I told her to listen to “Liar, Liar” by the Castaways which will help her understand why most men make such dishonest bloody choices all the time when it comes to selecting their female dating partner.It’s a story of a girl who won’t be true and about lies.As I told her, the good thing about the bloke is the he never lied, never cheated and he just told her the truth however ugly it is. And the truth is often gut-wrenching nightmare especially when it involves weight and looks for women. What bloke’s like cannot be substituted and am yet to come across a bloke who pretend he feel differently from what he likes about skirties. In my view, most women in her shoes will prefer sex instead of hurt feelings but others who are egotistic want that struggling for interest phallus to be kept well away from them as possible but what i know is they hardly go beyond a calendar without looking for it like headless chicken.None of us wants to think that they could be perceived as undesirable by anyone. Even when I know the chaos that would ensue if everyone’s phallus were engorged by everyone else’s in some kind of grand-scale energetic play. All of us still want to be wanted and loved.Her wretched story serves as a wicked reminder that we should as a society alter our attitude towards overweight skirties. My view is that we ought to be very mindful about our ceaseless claims that we want to know where we stand with regard to weight and beauty as blokes but for my sisters out there, do not bother wanting to know what bloke’s are thinking about you.Being over weight is like a crime nowadays and its just one way of attracting detestation and being told the truth about is acutely distressing but there’s always a chance someone out there could be impressed with you!

Contador Harrison