Why Contador Harrison admires celebrities

Posted on January 21, 2013 01:11 pm

I am not an avid reader of non-substance celebrity magazines but I do spend time looking through a selected few brands admiring celebrities and female models who always try to portray an image of perfectionists in their looks, bodies, hair, and most importantly, their skin. Majority of us know that since the advent of Photoshop few decades ago, the model photos are retouched beyond imaginations. Nowadays, while walking on the streets I always see magazines carrying cover lines with fit and Confident looking male, blonde and brunettes celebrities. Their pictures may look good on magazines or Tabloids publications, but when I keenly look at such celebrities face and body language clearly proves they don’t have inner confidence. On several occasions, I have seen some global celebrities walking on the street they look ‘common type’ not ‘celebrity type’ on magazines. The reason is because they embody the perfect human on publications but rubbish in real life. In perfect world, the confidence, poise, health, tone and beauty is what defines them. In a world where many people get disheartened when they don’t see instant success, I think it takes more than the body looks to be a celebrity. Money and fame are two ingredients for anyone yearning to be a celebrity and looks comes a distant third. For instance, I know Fernando Alonso’ name. I have seen him on television, and on some level, I feel like I know him to some extent. Am sure you also know so many celebrities.

In case of Alsonso, a man I wanted to see win last years Formula one drivers title, I have watched him take F1 to another level together with RedBull driver Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton. Further, I know that Fernando Alonso will be talked about at my work, so I care too. Just like most humans who love the sport, I do enjoy chattering it up with fellow humans about Formula one. Research shows that when people are amazing in one area, this tends to transmit to perceptions in other areas. And when this ability to see real celebrities as universally awesome is an obsession that has gripped all knowledgeable human beings. Some celebrity models behave as if they will not die especially at their prime and I think this has potentially been very disturbing reality to most of them and it could be one of the reason we see a 65 years old granny still be referred to a celebrity in magazines and tabloids.In my observation, Celebrities do the best they can by ignoring death and they overestimate their health and underestimating their risk for diseases that comes as a result of their new lifestyles. Most of them now invest in ‘meaning systems’ that will prevail after they die. Death is a bummer and maybe even scares the living daylights out of a lot of us, but it useless if they live on in some way post death, either symbolically through loved ones and globally accepted cultural beliefs. In other words, Contador Harrison admires celebrities because they are an integral part of our culture. They have made it in the worldview I am so entrenched in. By worshipping some of them, I feel as if am participating in this hugely important belief system and that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and like my life, it matters a lot.


Contador Harrison