Why a friend love music festivals

Posted on January 1, 2018 12:08 am

A Melburnian friend who attended the just concluded Falls Music Festival in Tasmania, as we wished each other Happy New Year, she boasted how the festival boosted her outlook on the world.Of cause she deserves to have fun, I’ve known her since childhood and with her working schedule, there’s certainly no better time than Australian summer time for her vacations and spending time with friends and family as well as finding time to go to different music festivals.She picked Falls Music Festival in Tasmania since she’s not attended one in the last couple of years and wanted to have an entire weekend spend camping in the island with thousands of strangers not the usual friends back in Melbourne. She told me that it is clear that music festivals are genuinely loved by so many including herself and invited your blogger to join her next time, of cause she knows the bloke is allergic to anything public let alone attending such events. In her own words, the ambiance of Falls Music Festival in Tasmania sparked a light inside her and the electric energy pulsating through the crowd was an addicting rush that united all concertgoers in perfect harmony. She argued that such wasn’t available in Melbourne festivals and since I’ve never been to such a festival I couldn’t tell what exactly she was talking about but of cause she didn’t just sound crazy, for her it was fulfilled. It’s what she described as an adrenaline rush like she has not experienced recently, and it’s not just the music.When i asked her what she thought of the alleged sexual assaults at the festival, Sexual Assault at Falls Festival one that was reported on 29 December, where Police received a complaint from a 19 year old woman attending the Falls Festival at Marion Bay after she was sexually assaulted by an unknown male on during a set being played by the The Jungle Giants band and the December 30 in an incident in the camping area, her response was that drugs, excessive alcohol were to blame for such incidents. In her view, a good festival experience consist of meeting people she never normally would, listening to the sweet melodies of music she never heard before and making golden memories she can keep with her for the rest of life.

There are so many reasons she invested her time and money in Falls Music Festival in Tasmania this season. Not that she should really have to do any convincing there, but just like your blogger, the power of music is an incredibly important and unique tool that engineers her personal experience.The difference with your blogger is that for her, when added to a social gathering where people from all walks of life have come to celebrate the art together, it becomes a force unparalleled to anything else in her life, unquestionably the best thing she want to have during Australian summer time.The most important reason of her spending the time in Tasmania was course, the music. With music’s ability to reach her heart, getting herself to groove and sway, creating a personal connection between herself and the music, there is no doubt that music is worth a few days music-packed adventure. With Falls Music Festival in Tasmania bringing in people from around Australia and beyond, a certain type of soul was present at the festival grounds according to her mostly there was a connection made from everyone’s mutual love for music. This she said created an audience that is friendly, personable, and worth traveling far distance from Melbourne to spend up to four days in Tasmania.People were also able of become incredibly in sync with each other, as well as the music pumping through the environments. When I connected with the people and the music around me, life became a movie. It’s truly the most euphoric experience that I possibly encounter in this Australian summer, and Falls Music Festival in Tasmania provided that experience. She not only experienced happiness while listening to music but became excited to hear the different tones and melodies upon the mere anticipation of music.Also, during Falls Music Festival in Tasmania, she also got the chance to live in campground shanties and was comfortable with little amenities, sharing food, joy, and memories with the people around her. In her view, the campgrounds were a sanctuary, where everyone created their temporary homes in a secure and trusting environment and even getting a little dirty was just part of the festival fun that she said would forever live in her memories. Now you know why people love music festivals especially in summer. Happy New Year dear reader and keep reading.

Contador Harrison