What Tanzania offer tourists

Posted on November 27, 2016 12:26 am

Tanzania is a very strong tourist destination with much to offer, but almost everyone has a different idea why tourists like Tanzania and want to spend time and money there.I have been looking through a collection of research spanning a number of years, source markets and age groups and there are many interesting insights.It is interesting to look at some of the more pertinent findings and at attributes that attract tourists to Tanzania.This is not a definitive list and mostly the attributes are not weighted or ranked.My Australian female friend who recently toured the country, concurred with me that without a question the number one attribute is that the Tanzanians are friendly, happy, gentle people.In fact they rival Ugandans in hospitality.This position has been used in a number of ways over the years. There are several minor variations on this in different markets, but basically Tanzania is talking with one voice around Africa.There have been closely aligned lines in the past like “the friendliest people in East Africa.” What is it that makes Tanzania so powerful as a destination promise.In my view, the attribute embodies many benefits, at one level it promises a great and relaxing time with people who like foreigners and will take care of them.Studies shows potential tourists read a lot more into it. It tells them that they will be safe and cared for, that there is nothing to be afraid of in Tanzania that the environment is gentle and inviting and the vacation will be pleasurable.It promises everything a visitor could want in one simple idea. Most importantly it is creditable as the image of the native Tanzanian globally is that of a warm, friendly and happy race.

Mlimani City is one the best shopping malls in Tanzania
Mlimani City is one the best shopping malls in Tanzania

Another attribute, which is becoming more important every year, is that in Tanzania you will be perfectly safe.There are no people that will harm you as a foreigner, there is an efficient and respected police force, zero guns in private hands and no terrorism and a long history of good personal security.The attitude is that the people will like foreigners and try to assist them if there is a need.In many countries there is animosity toward certain races or groups and tourists do not want to have to handle that.The physical environment is another important attribute. Tanzania is seen as clean and pleasant with no real negatives environmentally.There is no air pollution, indeed the air in Moshi, Kigamboni or Zanzibar is seen as the cleanest and least polluted in East African region. The same goes for Tanzania National Parks Authority commonly known as TANAPA.The government has done a great deal to support this attribute through the advertising over a number of years in the source markets.Tourists see Tanzanians as smiling and relaxed, never in a hurry and never angry or confronting. They believe the sea is clear and warm and the surrounding reefs protecting the Zanzibar islands.Another attribute tourists find appealing is the Tanzanian love of people and particularly their love and protection of children, all children.Tourist believe their children will be very safe and that they can let the Tanzanians take care of them while they go and do their own thing, they believe that the kids will have a happy time and be cared for at all times.They say that it is nice to be somewhere where you are liked for yourself and not because of what you can do for the locals.Visitors believe that Tanzania has a range of interesting cultural experiences they can enjoy and learn from.

The range of activities available in Tanzania is also believed to provide many different experiences, some of which are unique to Tanzania.Another area of attributes that is attractive to tourists is the food options.They know the lack of pollution allows Tanzanian agriculture to have fruit and vegetables that are delicious and fresh like the mangos that are grown in Kigamboni.Also that many exotic foods will be available, as well as a wide variety of seafood that is especially attractive because of the clean and unpolluted seas around the country.Tourists know that there is a wide variety of culinary experiences in Tanzania because of the different races that live here.Visitors see Tanzania as a very romantic place with warm nights and soft breezes, an exotic place to make the vows, surrounded by beautiful local girls,kept company by local blokes, amazing songs and nice traditions to make any day a memorable one.Surfing being world class on the famous breaks and diving in unbelievably clear water onto the stunning coral close to shore amongst the best in Africa.Sailing is also a great sport with Dar Es Salaam offering relatively affordable sailing fees.Knowledge of Tanzania, the attributes and the lifestyle is rapidly growing. There are many reasons for this happening.Tanzania Tourist Board and the industry operators are very active in all markets with awareness campaigns.The government offers concessions to encourage film makers, television shows and magazines to use Tanzania as a background.The basis of all the attraction is the Tanzania people and their personality, backed by the magnificent land, the beautiful islands and the perfect oceans offering the location.I wonder who can’t be happy in such a place.

Contador Harrison