What makes Laptops slow

Posted on September 17, 2015 12:00 am

Last Saturday I was busy coding when a friend living and studying in Oslo, Norway send me screen shots of her computer that she claimed was slower than a snail yet her school work was due for submission Monday of 14th September.The laptop in question is a two year-old system that was operating well before, however is now experiencing bad boot-up and response times that has made the 22 year old gal go bonkers. To help others who could be experiencing similar challenges I have decided to share my experiences on dealing with laptops though I am a Mac! The first step is that do not consider purchasing a new system just yet because of such challenges.The first step is to back up your data before you do anything wither manually or use a programs available online.I recommend that an external USB hard drive will do wonders for this task. Invest in a good one as the benefits of owning an External Hard Drive are countless but make sure you don’t lose it because that would even be worse.The next step is to ensure you have a good restore point from Windows and this will save you a lot of grief. Then doing a system restore will quickly solve a problem and in some instances eliminate a settings change from being the cause of the problem.

I advise you ensure the System Restore is turned on your laptop.Thats what I directed the student to do.My next task was to ask her to check system for Malware, Spyware, Adware, Trojans, Worms, Parasites and other potentially harmful software that may be installed on her computer. The painful truth for many is that these harmful softwares have manifested digitally and are hard to detect but can be wiped out with programs like Anti-Spyware and Anti-Malware available for sale online and in brick and mortar shops. In the student’s case, free versions did a wonderful job for her,but for those who want constant monitoring purchase then better go for full versions.After that I asked her to check the Hard Disk drive for space to ensure there was at least 1GB of free hard disk space.This is because thats the recommended space that computer needs for the swap file to increase in size as well as room for the temporary files. In the student case I urged her to use CCleaner, a free utility that cleans laptop. The tool was very effective in freeing up space and cleared her computer of History, cache files, temporary files, log files, memory dumps and even hanging entries in her registry. She was also able to define custom rules to include or exclude files, folders or registry keys from cleaning.

At that point it was looking great for her and defragmentation was next step to defragment her hard drive. With time most system are unable to store data in a sequential manner and requires help from defragmentation software to keep running your laptop optimally. For example MyDefrag compresses files and frees space back into contiguous blocks, rearranging the data internally to make it easier to access when needed.Make sure Windows is up to date. Use Automatic Updates to make sure the latest Windows updates are installed on your laptop.Notable challenge with her Laptop is the lack of latest drivers for her system especially video drivers. Having out of date drivers causes an assortment of issues on laptop and, conversely, newer drivers can enhance the function and performances of system. Its advisable to export all current drivers to a folder or a compressed file for use as backup.When her Windows started up, it automatically loaded a number of programs, many of which she didn’t need. As she install more and more programs, the list continued to grow. I advised her to use Winpatrol as startup manager programs that allowed her to control, configure and review the programs and services that startup with Windows. If after all of the above your laptop is still slow, would recommend you check the memory. Having enough memory makes the difference in speed.A memory upgrade can be the least expensive and yet one of the most significant ways to speed up your laptop.In the case of the the Norwegian student she submitted her work and thanks to my free advise she’s feeling as if the laptop is new…..

Contador Harrison