Wayaway by Dorothy Cork

Posted on July 1, 2017 12:00 am
My copy of Wayaway by Dorothy Cork
My copy of Wayaway by Dorothy Cork

Wayaway is a book that fictionally delves into unsatisfactory affair with Cairns in Queensland being Keitha Godwin and her brother Martin holiday destination.Coral Reef Hotel Restaurant is where Martin and Keitha enjoyed reef fish and salad but behind them were broken relationships.The reality of relationships isn’t as dramatic as Dorothy Cork want us to believe. In fact at the heart of relationships is working through the challenges of daily life and thats what Keitha and Martin were doing. Developing and maintaining long lasting relationships isn’t easy, and although Dorothy Cork portrays it otherwise. Couples need to work on their relationships no matter how long they have been together relationships require effort. Setting a standard of what a person wants from a partner and relationship can be risky if the standards are unrealistic it’s likely that no partner no matter how good they are will meet one’s needs. That is what Dorothy Cork tries to challenge.Experiencing conflict in a relationship is not necessarily a sign of problems, successful relationships experience conflicts too and it’s how they resolve conflict that matters, solution focused approaches in which partner respect each other.Maintaining similar relationship goals and values is important, as is, supporting one’s partner in achieving personal goals.Also, i feel Dorothy Cork ought to know that when you’re in a relationship for the right reasons, committing to someone for reasons other than wanting to be with the partner can result in an unsatisfying relationship down the track.Dorothy falling in love with Dane Langely is fascinating read.There are two main things that cause a woman to fall in love with a man, and those two things are respect and attraction. Perhaps there are others but as an individual those are the key ingredients. Of course there are many other things as well, but when a man displays the behaviors and personality traits that women feel naturally attracted to like confidence, drive and ambition, masculinity, emotional strength, he will be able to trigger a woman’s feelings of sexual desire for him.

First inside page of the book
This copy is a 1972 edition and chapter one was as fascinating as any fictional story can be
Martin and Keith dominates chapter two

Dorothy Cork feelings of respect for Dane langely grows and she then begin to fall in love with Dane Langely. It’s the Langely’s responsibility to then keep nurturing and growing those feelings of respect and attraction in Dorothy Cork over time, so that her love for him will also get stronger and deeper over time. If he does that, the relationship will almost always last a lifetime. But that wasn’t the case with the two.While reading the book, it’s actually quite easy to make a woman fall in love with you and want to be in a relationship with you even if right now she is behaving or even saying she’s not interested in you. Dorothy Cork makes the ready feel so.However, you have to bear in mind that to get a woman to fall in love with you, you first have to trigger her feelings of sexual attraction for you. Attraction comes first and then everything else will follow quite naturally. So, if you want to get a woman to fall in love with you like Dorothy Cork did with Dane Langely, whether it’s a woman you’ve just met, someone you know or even a friend that you want to turn into a girlfriend, realize that you can, but not if you make any of these common mistakes that guys make.Many guys go through life believing that the reason they can’t get a woman to fall in love with them, is because they don’t fit into some ideal package of physical attraction.I have a female friend who believes that a bloke might be very attracted to, and even secretly in love with, a woman he works with, or goes to university with. However, because Dorothy Cork knows that men are mostly attracted to women because of their physical appearance, she assumes that women are attracted to men for the same reasons.So, instead of approaching Langely and attracting him with her confidence, she makes excuses.In real life, there are some women who will only date and marry good looking guys, but the majority of women are more interested in the other qualities that a man has, than just his looks. If this wasn’t true, most men would be unloved and single, because most men are not male model look-alikes. Most blokes have flaws and weird characteristic. I challenged you to look around next time you are out in a public place, you will see that flawed blokes are with attractive women who clearly love them.Such blokes in my view have learned that what causes a woman to fall in love with a man is his ability to make her feel attracted to him for other reasons like making her laugh, making her feel girly and feminine in his presence besides his looks.

Keitha was cruelly judged by the author in chapter 3
Chapter four is dominated by shenanigans at the camp
Patty Drummond’s antagonism is the focal pint of chapter five

A friend once told me that if you want to get a woman to fall in love with you, don’t get hung up about your looks. In almost all cases, if your personality and the way you interact with her makes a woman feel attracted to you, and makes her feel the types of emotions that she wants to feel when she’s with a man, she will overlook the fact that you don’t look like a male model. Perhaps thats what Dorothy Cork’s target Dane Langely should have had in mind.When Dane leaves Dorothy Cork it is clear that their love couldn’t have worked, a true proving ground. If you can pull a bloke in Queensland, you can pull a hot bloke anywhere. Quality relationship is a serious problem, and the ratio had to be seen to be believed in the case of the two because in most outback cases, many blokes stay to work on farms or in fishing. Dorothy is this kind of an urban female species who wants things her way. That is why am not surprised when she meets a hostile reception from Dane, who is in no mood to share his precious few resources and future with Dorothy. If Dane was really determined to pick up with Dorothy, he will be forced to lower his standards and be prepared to fight. That said, the blokes like Dane from the bush represent the last vestiges of true Australian masculinity. Dane couldn’t bother dumping Dorothy and adopting to her correctness, he is rough around the edges and this case sound very genuine.Saying even just thinking, “Dane left me for another woman” is heartbreaking, but there was no way Dane would have settled with Dorothy. Perhaps thats happening to so many people in such situations where a man leaves them to get married elsewhere, coping when your partner leaves Dorothy for her will help Dorothy survive even when she is completely shocked that he walked out.Dorothy can’t believe this happened to her, the pain is unbearable.Dorothy spent her life with Dane since she arrived in Queensland, just to watch him walk away. She didn’t know Dane was unhappy or that she’d be searching for answers on how to cope when Dane leaves her for another woman. In reality, do men who leave their women after all that time regret it or what happens? I have no experience of such so I’ve no facts.

Miss Godwin is the most dominant character in chapter six
Finally Patty and Keitha worked together in chapter seven
Chapter eight begins with Dane vanishing for more that two weeks with his whereabouts unknown

What I don’t understand is whether they feel guilty about what they have done. I know it doesn’t matter because when someone wants out, they want out. It’s just sad some people think relationships are so disposable like Dane did to Dorothy. Before their relationship started, Dane pursued Dorothy so hard and he wanted to rush to get hooked. So Dorothy accepted and then afterwards Dane takes off and that’s it. Dorothy pray for the day to come when she don’t wake up feeling this huge anchor on her chest, the day where Dane is a distant memory and wonder what the heck she ever saw in Dane.Dorothy has strengths and weaknesses that Dane’s would be wife doesn’t have, and she has strengths and weaknesses that Dorothy don’t have. It’s pointless and futile for Dorothy to compare herself to Dane’s wife, to try to figure out why Dane left. It’s a waste of time and energy. Dorothy has to accept the fact that for some reason, Dane had to go. It’s not even about Dorothy in my understanding, it’s about Dane.If it makes Dorothy feel better, she should make a list of her strengths and her weaknesses, and read them when she feel down on herself. But I actually think it’s better for Dorothy not to compare herself to the other woman at all. Dorothy need to focus on moving onwards and upwards after Dane leaves, not on what the other woman who ends up being Dane’s wife has that Dorothy don’t. It is time for Dorothy to concentrate on healing and personal growth. It doesn’t matter who or what she is, what matters is that Dorothy has a life to rebuild, a self-image to recreate, and a new identity to focus on.

This chapter Keitha made Wayaway a must visit place
Dane Langely was in trouble handling his partner who was drunk in chapter ten
Last chapter, eleven, was about telegram details and what it meant for Keitha and Patty

It is common that if you think your relationship isn’t over, better be prepared to evaluate whether it is worth fighting for. If you ask me, i will tell you that there is nothing in this world worth fighting for. In fact for me, I never allow my wishes and pain to change how I see the truth. It’s better to face and accept the truth, to surrender to what is instead of wishing my life could go back to the way things were. That is who I am and same i can apply in relationship if i were having one. But am contented with being alone.Back to the book, the author teaches the reader to remember that when relationship fails, you will not just grieving the fact that your partner left you for another woman and its beyond simply mourning the loss of him as a man and you’re actually grieving the end of something that was so important to you like Dorothy feels after being left by Dane. Your relationship may have been the focus of your life, and saying my partner left me for another woman may be the most painful words you ever utter. You lose something you believed in and thought would last forever because even for Dorothy she never imagined Dane would ever leave her. So, if your one of those grieving the end of the relationship you thought you had, that you hoped you had, you’ve been betrayed, and you aren’t as innocent and trusting as you were before.It is a huge loss, and I am sorry you have to go through this. My view would be that to heal, you have to grieve not only the loss of a partner, but the loss of your relationship, the loss of the things you hoped for on your dating.You need to grieve the painful reality that your partner left you for her, and that you have to rebuild your life just like Dorothy Cork did.It is your chance to embark on a new chapter in your social and personal life.Undoubtedly, surviving a breakup can be about growing into the person you were meant to be and about exploring a different part of your life and personality. Myself I call it the end of one stage of your life but the beginning of a whole new era. It’s up to you to decide like Dorothy Cork did after Dane left her.

Back cover of my copy, however old it looks, i'll definitely keep it my bookshelf
Back cover of my copy, however old it looks, i’ll definitely keep it my bookshelf

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