War minerals are used in making Smartphones

Posted on August 10, 2012 10:04 am

Does your phone contain some conflict minerals? Possibly yes. Can you do anything about it? In real terms, probably not. Nowadays there are major important metals in technology industry namely; gold, tin, casserite and titanium. Columbian tantalite is a primary source of tantalum, a metal also used in our smart phones. Columbian tantalite is a primary source of tantalum, a key metal required to keep the circuitry small in smart phones. Handset manufacturers like Nokia, Motorola’s major suppliers are harvesting their minerals from war torn countries like democratic republic of Congo where endless war coupled with worst human rights violation are the order of the day.

Congo is rumored to have some cheaper supply costs unlike other countries like my home country Australia. While there are efforts to stop processors using ore from this location, some of it inevitably gets into the supply chain and the efforts to date have been ineffectual at best.Do you know your phone parts have been made by minerals from conflict countries or any of your latest electronic gadgets? Spare a thought for those facing violence in the pursuit of the precious materials used to power your electronic devices. When you use your mobile phone and other technology, be aware of the cost of being able to use such a service has ended millions of people lives? Most of you have heard of the conflict diamonds of Africa, but how many are aware of the same issues surrounding minerals that are used in mobile phone?

Contador Harrison