Vikki Campion Barnaby Joyce affair

Posted on February 11, 2018 12:47 am

Vikki Campion affair with Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has stunned many but not your blogger. Perhaps Joyce is a fan of Little Mix’s song Touch whose some of the lyrics, “You and I and nobody else, feeling feelings i never felt, the way you got me under your spell, don’t you keep it all to yourself, so won’t you take it, i feel like for the first time i am not faking, fingers on my buttons and now you’re playing, master of anticipation, don’t you keep it all to yourself” would have swept off the feet of former Journo Vikki Campion.There is no argument that Barnaby Joyce is a successful person, deep pocketed, sophisticated and has a great sense of self belief.But rather than take a look at himself in the mirror and wonder what’s gone wrong in his marriage that has led him to stray with Vikki Campion, Barnaby has fired off releases accusing media of invading his privacy but hasn’t admitted he is responsible for the breakdown of his marriage to Natalie Joyce. Since the story broke out, it’s been everything from having Natalie Joyce getting verbally aggressive with Vikki Campion to people sending tweets saying Campion ruined lives and created a situation that has irreparably damaged a marriage of more than two decades and that she’ll burn in hell.While the public reaction to date has mirrored the outraged condemnation from traditional marriage pundits, the affair has still drawn some support especially those who feel bedroom stuff should be left between the two consenting adults.Campion affair with Barnaby has shattered the notion that having an affair on the side while married is a harmless activity that has no consequence or implication for the marriage itself, partner, family or career and if the two think so, its a very misguided view.

It’s often a justification used by people who are seeking to escape their circumstances for one reason or another but from what is clear on their affair, the romance started in office and has now exploded into public limelight. Let me think like a spiller for a moment, I think ultimately for Barnaby Joyce it’s about sex, could be about an absence of sex in their marriage lives with Natalie or sex being too vanilla as some say and in Vikki Campion he is looking for different flavours which the wife couldn’t. Also, I think with Vikki Campion it’s a bit more complicated, to be fair because she could be looking for the lifestyle benefits that will accompany her mistress status and perhaps could want to continue being objects of desire.Vikki Campion could be getting flowers all the time from Barnaby and is being paid attention to bearing that she is expecting a child with him and for Barnaby he could be looking to rekindle that feeling.There is clear cost to pay for Barnaby because infidelity is a risky reaction to such a problem, his affair with Vikki Campion is not going to make that situation any better. Barnaby would have had odd taste of illicit romance and didn’t need to be the marriage breaker it’s turned out to be. With fewer people in Australia getting married and more getting divorced this affair has done more damage to institution of marriage. Clearly there are women out there in particular who will find the negatives of marriage and would better off experiencing life’s adventures solo.The political fallout from Barnaby’s affair undoubtedly threatens the stability of the Malcolm Turnbull government and there are those who feel he should go and those that believe Barnaby exit would be political suicide, given Turnbull government holds power by a single seat in the Lower House.Love can really thrive in an older Barnaby younger Vikki relationship because there’s the right level of communication and maturity between the two but whether that would end up well or not, only time will tell.

Contador Harrison