Victorian Government draft ICT Strategy released

Posted on October 2, 2012 09:55 am

The state of Victoria Government has called for feedback on a draft strategy developed by Victorian Information and Communications Technology Advisory Committee to improve its digital services, ICT skills and leadership. At the moment, strategy is expected to be implemented in two years time before end of December 2014.Authorities have called for the development of an enterprise architecture and interoperability framework although details were scanty on how that would be achieved. There were also calls for a consolidation of Victorian Government websites to avoid complexity and waste and better target citizen and business needs with search-driven access to information, services and mobile applications.Draft document also proposes that Identity management be improved to allow Victorians to simply and securely gain access to government services.The state of Victoria intends to work with local industries to define and deliver business outcomes, rather than just narrowly defining technology requirements. The Government called for feedback on the draft strategy latest on October 17, ahead of a launch between November or December this year.

The draft document which I have read proposes that “traditional ICT delivery models be challenged”, highlighting the Department of Business and Innovation’s  use of software as a service. Containing around 26-pages,the draft has centred on couple of important principles like policy and service delivery programs will use popular digital channels,policy and service delivery programs will be increasingly co-designed and co-produced,data will be shared, open and managed as an asset,ICT-enabled projects will be staged and focused on managing risks and delivering business benefits earlier,Competition will be promoted to drive efficiency and innovation in ICT systems and services,ICT services will take advantage of industry capabilities,ICT systems will be interoperable, modular and reusable and Technology will be trialled and adopted to promote better outcomes.You can download a copy by following the link;


Contador Harrison