Valentine what? Single life rocks

Posted on February 14, 2018 12:09 am

Valentine day 2018 is expected to be bigger than previous years in terms of spending but as lovebirds have fun, they can’t match up to single women and men like your blogger who have chosen total independence and freedom over relationships or marriages. Over the weekend, lovers were busy trying to fix up last minute surprises for their partners and those without partners are hoping to find love in a different way.At 29, an unmarried career woman friend living in Perth has been enduring nudges from family members restlessly asking her when she will finally get a bloke and tie the knot. But despite the pressure, she remains happy. She told your blogger over the weekend she’s already learnt life was not all about coupling up. In her past relationship, she dropped everything that made her happy and made life all about her boyfriend. Every day during that relationship, she made decisions based on what was important to them. When we started our day, we decided whether we will eat breakfast or not. if we decided to, I made sure we ate healthy and not unhealthy food same applied to lunch and dinner. This is because i knew that both our healths are important and valuable to us just like our careers. Each time I was focused on designing the best self to fulfill our destinies and at times had to compromise my heart. As a result, I lost all self-direction and motivation, and when the relationship was over I had to shake myself to look at what I had become, a shell of my former vibrant self, the now living single beau told your blogger.To her, Valentine Day 2018 is an opportunity to gauge her goals and personal growth to create a synergistic effect, the push and pull of which either build them up or tear each other down. With negative values of previous relationships, it’s impossible for her to reach healthy, constructive life goals, and as a result, achieving personal growth is impossible. Luckily she’s identified all that and now lives from her positive core values, goals are met, and self-realization has become very possible.The Perth beau who describes herself as feminist, said it was a big learning curve that changed her perspective on needing a man and thats why she will be celebrating Valentine Day without one.

Listening to her, its clear there are so many other things in life you can do to find happiness. For example when it comes to your blogger, books, rock music, live sports like eSports, F1, Moto GP, Super Bowl, Cricket, Rugby etc makes him happy.It’s a bit of a social construct that is outdated where we are expected to finish education, get a job, get married and have kids. Those who can, wish them luck and all the best but for those of us who believe in 21st century’s social settings, we know very well that such paths don’t guarantee a happy life. Perth’s friend attitude is no surprise to me because most of the highly educate women I know have been saving so called love for later and those who have ventured into it, have a control of it unlike those who venture using the outdated path.Whenever I look at some people I know in their 20s and 30s, they’re kind of focusing on future and their friendships, not ready for love while jokers in the same age bracket are busy having fun, doing drugs, alcohol, a bunch of what one would call “wasted.”Just like your blogger, Perth beau said she wasn’t swearing off relationships forever but this Valentine Day just like last three one she will be happy to enjoy alone and in future if she decides that a man is worthy her time, she will approach the issue with more caution.As a single woman I can do whatever I want this Valentine Day, where I want. My life is constructed the way I want it to be,” she said.However Perth beau made it clear that she’s not anti-relationship, just anti being treated anything less than she deserve.Although I’m not one of those single men who have stopped believing there is the right person out there, i believe single life rocks. I have plenty of age mates, younger and older friends who have been on so many dates with the wrong people, some of them have given up on the hunt. Some of them have been scarred by relationships and aren’t willing to put their heart on the line again.I know of a female friend turning 30 this year who has faced abuse and emotional torment and recently told me after parting with the boyfriend that she needs a lot of deep exploration. Her sharing experiences with your blogger was an essential part of her life, have seen her grow, dated a couple of guys but eventually what she’s got is misery and this recent one was no exception. Anyway, today is the day when the thoughts of lovers turn to Valentine’s Day specifically, where to spend the special day with their paramours. For those who don’t have company like your blogger, know there’s just that someone there that’s in your corner as your support and best friend to share Valentine Day with, whether by giving a friend the red ribbons, little hearts, teddy bears, and printed cards with crazy messages, your blogger says enjoy!

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