Using dermatoglyphics data to recruit staff

Posted on September 28, 2015 12:00 am

Those of us who religiously follow crime technology knows there are countless scientific studies on fingerprints have been done over the last seven decades. Thanks to few understanding the science behind the technology,few have been paid attentive, which I believe is largely because of our association of the subject with palmistry and fortune telling more than as an object of scientific interest.Few weeks back I was reading a book about latest trends for the genetic basis of certain psychological disorders or characteristics by studying the dermatoglyphics of the hand.The term “dermatoglyphics” for the scientific study of fingerprints was derived from an ancient Greek term which means “skin carving” by Harold Cummins.Cummins achieved global recognition as the “Father of Dermatoglyphics” and his findings of study and technique development, known as the Cummins Methodology in technical jargon, are recognised as vital tools in tracing genetic and evolutionary relationships.Methodology is commonly used to diagnose some types of mental retardation, schizophrenia, cleft palate and also heart disease.When Asian scientists saw the opportunity to use known dermatoglyphics data to statistically study and generate a pattern in the area of learning styles and intelligence potential more than twenty five years ago, few thought the Singaporean and Chinese counterparts will succeed. It was after their success a team of programmers was commissioned to study the known results of dermatoglyphics studies, and in collaboration with Taiwan and Chinese education entities,the first version of the software called Multiple Intelligence System was developed.

For the past fifteen years, the program has been developed under a Singaporean company. which lists education consultancy as one of its core businesses and has interests in software development in education areas as well as in promoting a revamped Singaporean curriculum.Under company, the program was renamed Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence System and for past 11 years, it has been marketed and represented by companies or individuals in different countries across the world including African countries.When it comes to education,parents usually impose their own will or follow their children’s wishes.Children might like certain activities or study certain subjects due to the influence of the media, parents, celebrities or role models, although they might not have a talent in that area.Too many parents force their own will on their child because they don’t really understand the child’s potential.Reading through the book, it is clear assessment package does include fingerprint sampling of all 10 fingers,a detailed report elaborating the left or right brain dominance, multiple intelligence potential, psychological dominance, preferred learning styles and methods, learning communication character and work management style.In one case am familiar with, as soon as the test reveals the child’s intrinsic qualities, a psychologist will help the parents and teachers to understand the details of the computer report. Assessment tells what is needed and how students can learn.They can then transform their lives through a greater holistic educational approach and lifestyle. It can also been used by secondary schools and help parents to determine the field of study for their children.I do know several financial companies using the test for their recruitment process and also use the test for their staff replacement.

Contador Harrison