US Army Cyber security manual published

Posted on June 5, 2013 08:52 pm

United States of America Army new cyber security manual has been published. Dubbed Leader’s Information Assurance / Cyber Security Handbook, the manual is part of an awareness campaign to improve the security posture of the US army. The publication will be mandatory reading requirements for commanders and contains assessment tools and information to help units identify weak spots and adopt best practices. According to the publishers of the document, Cyber attacks have continued to threaten army networks and its information on a daily basis. Insiders are quoted as saying that it has placed US Army operations and people at a greater risk. The new publication comes hot on heels of United States Defence secretary Chuck Hagel last week naming of China as a cyber threat at a security conference in Singapore where he called for guidelines to avoid conflict on computer networks.

The manual calls for change in US Army’s culture and enforcement compliance that will ensure people are accountable for proper security procedures. From now, Army commanders could have to make sure that their subordinates comply with information assurance and cyber security procedures. There is also a web-based self-assessment tool has been set up by the US Army, that commanders must complete, recording the three weakest areas of their units and also reviewing their security practices to ensure they meet federal systems management requirements. The latest action by US Army to take action is a confirmation of my long held view that global military forces and leaders are increasingly taking an aggressive posture on network security. In my opinion, we are likely to witness the mass development of defensive and offensive doctrines with specialized units to respond to cyber threats.

Contador Harrison