Uniqueness thats marketers should focus on digital consumers

Posted on January 21, 2015 12:31 am

Consumer behaviors are being shaped by new technologies like social media.However, when it comes to tech trends, each country’s uniqueness comes into play and demonstrate the values and lifestyles. According to a researcher at the University of Melbourne, such uniqueness should be considered carefully by marketers or marketing companies aspiring to succeed in their businesses. In his own opinion, the global technology power of marketing would not shift to emerging markets as some experts have predicting. He even disputes Goldman Sachs’ projection of the 20 largest economies in 2050 where China will rank on top, followed by the US and India in third position.To him, those will just be economic and not technological rankings. While exchanging views with him on the technological products consumption, the researcher revealed that consumption will shift from the top to the bottom as population numbers will determine who enjoys higher purchasing power.

Technology marketing will also move from product-centric to people-centric according to his prediction. As an Australian, he believes that innovation will shift from intellectual property to wisdom of the crowd.Pacific region cultures share a key common uniqueness, as marked by a quest for modernity and information and communications technology, an orientation towards the community and family with discipline and a hierarchy, a tendency towards collectivism, and concern for status. However, there are some differences among Australian consumers. Those in Sydney, for instance are dynamic consumers, in Melbourne they are daring, in Perth show strong individualism is common, in Brisbane, consumers are status-seekers, while in Adelaide, they are easy going while in Darwin, ambition is a new fashion for consumers. In New Zealand,consumers in Auckland are ambitious while in Wellington there’s an easy and slow pace. In Christchurch, consumers are contented and easy-going.Consumers in Fiji and Solomon Islands are easy and laid-back.

In Europe, consumers are no longer simple. New studies show that young generation of european consumers has lower brand loyalty and search for instant alternatives. In Western Europe, consumers have mindful living and vie for validation status while in Scandinavian countries consumers are now in the hyper self-expression era.In Africa, consumers are also shaping their time and expecting authenticity. Tech-marketer’s role should be to deepen consumer’s experience, be transparent and humanize their brands and offers.The most important people in any business are not in the fancy offices but at every touch-point with consumers.With proliferation of smartphone acting as a central device for the digital experience,online media is expected to enjoy the strongest share of voice among digital consumers. Tech-marketers should ensure their products are shown across all digital platforms and increase their focus on attracting viewer’s attention, as well as to embrace the video opportunity.

Contador Harrison