Uganda’s 8 most influential Journalists

Posted on July 4, 2015 09:24 am

Uganda media is more fragmented with diverse ownership from Government majority owned New Vision, state broadcaster Uganda Broadcasting Cooperation to Agha Khan controlled NTV Uganda, NBS owned by business man Kin Kariisa, WBS owned by wealthy entrepreneur Gordon Wavamuno to mention but a few yet journalists remain a powerful group in modern day Uganda and commands a lot of respect in the society.In Uganda,Journalists unlike other countries in the region enjoy unmatched public goodwill and their influence is next to none.They are known to break news and setting the political, social and business agenda exposing wrongdoing, holding governments to account or provoking discussion through the commentary and analysis. They are known to determine which stories get pursued, which stories are given prominence, which stories get spiked as Red Pepper based in Namamve is known for.Here is my list on ten most powerful print and electronic journalists in Uganda according to my own opinion.

Andrew Mwenda (host, Newsnight NTV Uganda)

Those who think Twitter is only for twits who want to tell the world what they had for breakfast obviously haven’t discovered @Andrewmwenda. Andrew, has become an indispensable news aggregator for his 113,000+ followers as of July 3rd 2015. If Andrew tweets it, you know it’s worth a read.His weekly Independent Magazine is undoubtedly the most read in Uganda and Rwanda.I must admit whenever am in ‘pearl of Africa’ buying a copy is a must!

Josephine Karungi (reporter, NTV Prime time)

From Women and Power to cruelty in Uganda’s early child marriages, Josephine has delivered a dazzling array of scoops since joining NTV as a reporter more than half a decade ago. Famed for her willingness to tackle topics other hacks are too timid to touch, Karungi’s reports and newscasting are eagerly awaited by television junkies in Uganda.

Charles Onyango Obbo (editor-in-chief, Mail and Guardian Africa)

With a readership of more than 2 million, the South African based publication is a continental institution despite the tough financial climate for South Africa publishers. Obbo, former senior editor at The East African, has given a magazine a more modern, newsier tone and readers have responded.He’s a legend in the Print media as he was one of the co founders of Daily Monitor, Uganda’s leading independent daily newspaper.

Joachim Buwembo (Columnist, The East African)

It’s no wonder the veteran Ugandan journalist was on a “protected species” list of journos forbidden from taking redundancy from a certain media hour few years back, he’s so damned good.Over the past decade, his ‘forensic reporting’ has helped shape the opinion of many who religiously follow Ugandan politics and humorous stories related to cultural and social practices in Uganda.

Hatma Nalugwa Sekaaya (host, NTV Akawuungezi)

Every self-respecting news junkie in Uganda end their day listening to Luganda’s new bulletin Akawuungezi, easily Uganda’s most watched according to official Tv ratings and few presenters can top the ratings enjoyed by Hatma whose command of the Luganda language is next to none.My admiration of Hatma Nalugwa Sekaaya is the ability to range across politics, sport, business and culture is unmatched.

Barbara Kaija – (Editor in Chief , New Vision newspapers)

Barbara’s aggressive, self-aggrandizing government owned paper is far more influential than its daily circulation of 20,000 would suggest.With some of the best journalism in the country and an obsession with attacking government ideological enemies,New Vision Media group newspapers;The New Vision, Kampala Sun and Bukkedde are impossible to ignore for serious followers of national affairs and thats largely because of Barbara.

Dalton Kaweesa (investigative reporter, Red Pepper)

Red Pepper fierce criticism of its outlandish reporting and publication of semi-nude women over the years hasn’t stopped these young gun from dishing up cracker yarn after cracker yarn over recent years with his unrivaled reporting on matters security.Kaweesa stories have led to parliamentary inquiries and criminal charges to those implicated in such scandals.Kaweesa is notable for using his security agencies connections to give his stories more exposure.

Contador Harrison