Uganda should invest in sports

Posted on September 1, 2016 07:43 pm

Uganda should invest in its sports-related industry to help build its reputation as a top destination for holding sports events.It was about time Uganda built a creative and competitive sports industry, especially geared toward the international market. Uganda has so much potential when it comes to natural beauty and sports infrastructure.Me think Uganda should be more aggressive when bidding for international-level sport events so the world can see what Uganda actually have.To help small yet potential companies build their sports-related businesses, the government should provide them with incentives with the hope that they will give back to the country through sports.Uganda has to be smart when choosing international markets. One good example is Kenya, where international brands have been using a licensing mechanism to produce international brand products and sell them to the local market.Recently, a Kenyan company quietly bought the license for an international brand of indoor-soccer shoes produced in Athi River, an industrial zone for apparel and will be sold in East and rest of Africa. The Kenyan company target is to reach 30 percent of the demand for soccer apparel in Africa by the end of 2016 and added they were planning to implement the same strategy with a German sports apparel and rackets all in the name of getting a slice of the African market.Besides using a licensing mechanism, Kenyan companies are also looking into developing more local products, like soccer balls.

Source of the Nile in this picture I took five years back offers a great boat racing opportunity.
Source of the Nile in this picture I took five years back can offer a great boat racing opportunity

Looking at what is happening across its eastern neighbour, Uganda should hold professional sports events, provided all parties worked together and were strongly committed. Its highly competitive Basketball League is the first sport event in the country that is organised professionally without hitches annually unlike football that has suffered mismanagement and corruption allegations over the years.Tele operators like MTN Uganda and Airtel Uganda are the main sponsor for Uganda Basketball League which provides wide broadcasting coverage, and there are plans to introduce technology that monitors possible forgeries of the event’s merchandise.The league allows college and University players to join participating teams to enable the transfer of skills between clubs and college players.In my view, Uganda also need to learn from Kenya about athletics as the East African country finished top in Africa’s medal standing in the just concluded Rio Olympics.I really hope Uganda can send more coaches and athletes to Kenya in order to boost their quality. In exchange, Kenyan athletes could have some training in Uganda especially the eastern region where the bulk of the country’s athletes hails from.I hold the view that no one should be embarrassed to learn good things from other countries and encourage all Ugandan athletics figures to learn more about sports science, sports lecturers to boost their knowledge in Kenya, which is indeed more advanced because the two countries’ closeness in historical and geographical background could help ease the cooperation on developing the athletics.All these requires Kampala government investment in the sports sector.

Contador Harrison