TV programs Ugandans need

February 7, 2015

Television has become Ugandan’s best friend nowadays. People watch TV not only to be entertained, but recently also to get some updates about what is happening in one of Africa’s most beautiful countries.TV is now believed to broadcast the most immediate news throughout Uganda.However, do they really provide what Ugandans really need? Or do they only broadcast things that will attract many viewers as TV stations now have become big corporations in the business field?The recent house girl video scandal has really become a major headline throughout the country. Almost every news station delivered the stories about what was thought to be done by authorities in order to tackle such cases. On the initial emergence of this news, people were waiting in front of their TVs to hear more recent updates, but now, several months since its first reporting, do people really still need the updates?From the screen, it seems that Uganda is that pathetic and there was no good things happening in the country.That was a small image of how TV stations published most recent news to fellow Ugandans.I am not saying that there was no worthy programs provided by the TV stations, it is that mostly the stations prefer to televise programs that attract many viewers.

For instance if there was a new trend of broadcasting infotainments, reality shows or crime investigations. Most TV stations broadcast the same types of programs, and what happens next is they sometimes broadcast the same content.In fact, Television stations play a very important role. Nowadays, people’s ideas and attitudes are rather formed by the program they are watching on TV. Television stations like NTV Uganda, NBS, WBS, Bukkedde and Urban Tv among others are expected to provide much information on how the executives, businesses, organizations and legislatives really serve Ugandans. TV acts as a bridge for people as the stakeholders of this country and the government as the public servant that are believed by people to bring them wealth.It may seem that Ugandans are enjoying “up-to-date” news broadcast by TV stations, but it is not what they need. What they need is for TV to educate them, to give them views on how Uganda is going and to bring positive support that Ugandans should always be proud of their country and work hand in hand to create a better Uganda.A dynamic country like Uganda is still having more than much news that needs to be spread to all over the nation.

And TV stations do have the capability in delivering such news. Health and economic issues, Uganda’s positive achievements at the international level or education are some of many urgent matters that need to be blown up by TV stations so that Ugandan people are more aware of its country’s condition. Let’s imagine if issues such as Entebbe Virus research Institute, Uganda’s achievements in the science or the Visit Uganda programs were more exposed by TV stations, they would surely bring pride for Uganda and Ugandans would surely be more proud to be part of it. And also, there might be a chance that these topics would be heard by international TV stations and be spread all over the world.Few outside Uganda and wider East African region knows that University of Makerere in Kampala is one of the ten best academic institutions in Africa.At this moment, when people are so busy cheering for their favorite football team in the African Cup of Nation in Equatorial Guinea that concludes this weekend, Ugandan sportsmen and women fighting for their own country, seems to be ignored.Who should be blamed for this irony? I believe that if all Television stations have the same vision to shape Ugandans belief toward their beloved country, they will not only get what they want Ugandans to know, but also what Ugandans need to know about Uganda.

Contador Harrison