Trae Young future looks bright

Posted on December 16, 2017 12:25 am

Trae Young, the 19 years old who hails from Norman, Oklahoma has convinced your blogger he’s a legend in waiting. Currently, he’s the leading scorer in college basketball and his 29 points and 10 assists to power Oklahoma Sooners to a victory over Wichita State no doubt left even the most skeptics with something to appreciate. Its not easy to average 28.8 points per game in such highly competitive like college basketball and more so scoring at least 28 points in seven consecutive games isn’t a cakewalk either.But what makes Trae Young such a great prospect? As an ardent basketball fan for decades, i have a couple of ideas.I would like to say that Trae Young seems to be a player who has focused on development that is crucial to producing players of such quality as his and thats why he is reaching his full potential. In my view, he has put plenty of efforts in development of what makes a basketball player great in areas like the fundamental skills, an obvious one, he is a player who can dribble, pass and shoot well and is clearly going to have more chance of success than those who can’t, thats why he has achieved 28 points seven matches in a row.In the case of Trae Young, he has also proved that he is one players who can function in a team structure. Players need to be able to run an offense, whether it be something as simple as five out or as structured as the triangle or shuffle or as quick as set plays. Trae Young has proved in the last seven games that he is able to remembers sets, understand the importance of timing, court balance and ball movement in a coordinated fashion with the other players on the court. That was one ingredient that made players like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson among the best in the game. Another area that Trae Young has proved to be a success is ability to make good basketball decisions. I recall how Kobe Bryant made shot clock work for him as a teenager, it normally puts a terminal time on each possession.

In the case of Trae Young, each offense has created a shot for Oklahoma Sooners team and even when there is less than few seconds on the shot clock, Trae Young has been able to recognize the situation and make good decisions about what to do next, how to penetrate with a pass, penetrate with the dribble, shoot and even to make a simple pass. In matches I’ve watched him, when it comes to a fast break situation, Trae Young is able to make good decisions, in the half court and is able to make calculated and strategic good decisions which have made him get comparisons with Stephen Curry. In 1990s, I remember very well that developing players who can defend all the above situations made a team successful and a good example was Chicago Bulls that was led by Michael Jordan. It proved that players who cannot defend dribble penetration have limited chance of moving up the levels of play but thats not the case with Trae Young. He is a player who can apply full court pressure, surprise ball handlers, shoot gaps, defend screens, block out and have a competitive mind set that seem to find teams to play on. Trae Young is able to remember instructions and follow a defensive game plan and thats what happened with his display against Wichita State.Another key ingredient that I’ve seen in Trae Young is that he’s fit enough and strong enough to maintain the level of play. I have no doubt in my mind that he will remain a competitive, determined, resilient in many years to come and certainly he is one those that possess an analytical mindset. Watching him play makes me believe that Trae Young love the game, love the hard work and practice that is required to attain the levels of skills he’s in.Going forward, Trae Young will be a big name in the game and once he enters the NBA, I foresee a player who will need no introduction to the game, as areas where the players have gone on to achieve their potential have been strong in his case. The great ones like Kobe, Magic, Allen, Michael, Kareem were all strong in all these areas, all played in NBA, Olympic Games even though each player had a different level of play they were capable of achieving. I hope that the next time I write about Trae Young, he would have proved me right by reaching his potential.

Contador Harrison