Tracking stolen cars made easier

Posted on August 28, 2012 07:15 pm

Fifteen years ago,I acquired my first state of Victoria driving permit.Back then,driving a car with secure tracking system was luxury very few could afford and was among those who could not. Today, that is not longer a privilege of rich and famous figures. Yesterday,I came across a system that will disable a vehicle when Global Positioning System or Global System Mobile Communication jammers are used to attempt to block the system.Most of the conventional GPS or GSM tracking systems that I have come across can be easily blocked by car thieves using a jammer, which effectively blocks both the geo-location signal as well as the GSM wireless technology used to upload the vehicle’s position on the Internet.

I was with a friend who has just purchased a brand new Range Rover that boasts of new advanced systems offered by a company that has footprint in Europe and Australia.The company has a system that can disable the vehicle if they detect a jammer signal and are also able to differentiate between, say, a vehicle that has lost both GPS and GSM signals in a shopping mall parking lot and when a signal jammer is actively being used.For security reasons and legal concerns, I cannot disclose much but that system mesmerized me how it can accept more accessories such as fuel sensors, microphones and temperature sensors.The company that has built the system also produces a software suite so that users can track their vehicles online using a Personal Computers or an Android powered Gadget as well as iPhone.

Contador Harrison