Tourism in Zanzibar

Posted on May 31, 2016 12:00 am

With two great islands stretching across the Tanzanian coastline, Zanzibar boasts endless natural beauty and places to explore.The islands have experienced a significant boost in tourism over the years, and they are holiday sites that lure repeat visitors to United Republic of Tanzania.While the tourism industry continues to make a name for itself, and with many optimistic about the Tanzania’s potential, concerns remain over destinations that have not been sufficiently optimised to attract travellers.Data from the Ministry of Tourism showed Tanzania took over one million foreign tourists in 2015, while this year it aims to attract 2 million international tourists, in addition to 5 million domestic tourists.Tanzania has for decades taken tourism very seriously. The country provide comfort and safety to foreign tourists.Tanzania has great infrastructure with almost zero flight delays and there are many connecting flights within the mainland and in Zanzibar. From experience, Zanzibar prepare everything thoroughly to make guest feel entertained. Zanzibar has been known as a tourist destination for a longer period of time compared to other mainland Tanzania regions, especially for Europeans. They have crafted sophisticated management techniques for the tourism sectors.Zanzibar is not just about ancient ruins, spices and ecotourism but they have also made further advancements in luxury tourism.

As far as I am concerned, the tourism sector in Zanzibar is being taken seriously.Tanzania has placed tourism as one of the country’s main source of income. If the tourism sector continues to be managed properly, the sector will create thousands of jobs to the burgeoning youth population. Zanzibar government has done its best to develop tourist sectors which benefits Tanzania as a whole. Creating a smooth cooperation with local operators is not an easy task but one can tell the authorities are doing very best to ensure coordination.Brand management, including advertising, falls under the responsibility of the tourism ministry, while customer and product management are the tasks of the local governments.One of the tour operators in the country recently shared with me summer offers. When it comes to Zanzibar tourism, there are two categories starting with the international tourist who feeds foreign exchange and the domestic tourism who encourages economic activities. Domestic tourism is quite healthy in Zanzibar and mainland Tanzania. But, the capacity in managing international tourist arrivals is very high.The proper management of Zanzibar’s tourism sector is a way to boost travel to the archipelago’s array of destinations. The most important aspect of management lies in the acceptance of foreign investors. Zanzibar does consider tourism as its main priority. Furthermore, the quality of human resources and infrastructure is being widely developed.

Contador Harrison