Tomb Raider Game Review

Posted on March 30, 2013 06:36 pm

How did you spend your Good Friday? Well mine was a ‘gaming good Friday’ and I chose the latest version of Tomb Raider. My selection of the game was because its one of the few games that has remained true to its mechanics. The new Tomb Raider opens with a young looking Lara Croft commanding a team of scientists and adventurers in search of an island south of Japan that was supposedly expected to be the home of a mysterious Japanese princess although it is largely mythical. The game is heavy when it comes to shooting than platforming and my rough estimates are split into about 60% shooting and about 40% platforming.

However, the adventure ends up in a disaster when their ship is caught in a freak storm and Lara and her teammates are shipwrecked on this island. Immediately, it turns out that the Japanese island just like the Bermuda Triangle, is a ship trapper for hundreds of years. To make things worse, Lara Croft wakes up to find that she’s been caught by a bloodthirsty cult led by a crazed zealot known as Mathias. Throughout the game, Lara does face serious challenges like falling, get stabbed by metal spikes, falls again, gets shot, burned and tied up more often than she can keep clean. I was delighted by how the game makes a big deal of it when Lara eventually makes her first human kill and eventually kills plenty of enemies. It was interesting how I spent one and half hour playing the part that involved Lara trying to stay alive by killing wild animals and wandering through the forest.

The graphics are excellent for the forest and in fact, all the environments are very detailed and mostly dense that I was getting lost in it. The location system was very vital whenever I hit any key, the world turned grey and a column of light and a compass appeared onscreen showing me where I should go next. In number of areas throughout the game, Lara is free to roam about looking for collectibles but each of these areas are self contained and I was only able to go to any other area through the game’s fast travel option. As a fan of modern shooters, I can say the game has increased focus on shooting and the puzzles pleased me as an experienced gamer used to more action in my games. The new Tomb Raider is undoubtedly a fun filled game and I was ecstatic throughout the game. If you’re a gamer and you’ve not played it, try it as its full of action with excellent cover mechanics and is a fabulous strong origin story for Lara Croft.

Contador Harrison