Today’s celebrities wield mindboggling power

Posted on September 20, 2013 10:59 am

Some people know that Lady Gaga released her latest song applause yet they haven’t bothered to know how their neighbor has been for the past three years. Justin Bieber is a Canadian pop singer, an Internet generated celebrity whose music is nothing without computer enhancement. Simply, Beiber is a living example of YouTube manufactured singers who have no talent but have enough skills to make them popular and wealthy. Another good example is Psy a South Korea’s pop singer of the gentleman hit song. Since his entry into the world of celebrities, the power that Justin Bieber holds is beyond human imagination. The rising popularity of pop stars has influenced young minds in a way that Michael Jackson, Guns and Roses, ACDC and Queen among others could not achieve with my generation. I may sound jealous because am nobody beyond tech world and even few can manage to pronounce my first name well but I must state that we are the people giving these half baked celebs the power they posses today.

Sydney’s based nephew of mine told me back in 2011 that l am too old to be a Belieber (name used to describe Justin Beiber’s fan) the rate at which madly obsessed fans are making celebrities more than what they are is sickening.  Many people are obsessive consumers of content when it comes to fulfilling their wishes. Gadgets like iPhones are one example with some fanatics waiting for a week to get the latest iPhone 5S. We live in a society where people are more keen to know who’s dating who among the western countries celebrities, who’s chasing who’s boyfriend or girlfriend. I will not be surprised if some people have gone ahead to search online what type of food Justin Bieber eats. The obsession with celebrities is a universal madness and there is nothing much people can do rather than sit back and watch a generation more obsessed with celebrities than education. Some countries are not lucky to be part of the phenomenon due to censoring of content that can’t happen in free states otherwise such a draconian move would be vehemently rejected in the name of people’s freedom.Infant celebrities like Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez should be allowed to live and grow up without excessive intrusions but that’s just my wishful thinking. Content hungry media cannot fashion such a move and they would find it hard to accept such plans to abstain infant celebrities coverage.

Online readers of celebrity gossip and YouTube viewers are living a confused life. They simply can’t differentiate between what is gossip, news or entertainment about celebrities. Take E-news channel that specializes in celebrity gossips and TMZ, an online newswire focusing mainly on celebrity’s latest news where both report same stories but differently in meaning. I don’t think this means E-Channel viewers are to blame for believing the news about celebrities. Whether you belong to Hitler’s generation, animal kingdom generation, Elvis generation, ‘Wacko Jacko’ generation like yours truly, there is something about celebrities that is fascinating and each one of us is always eager to know all what’s happening about them, from what they drink and eat, where they shop their lingerie, jewelries, watches etc, what they wear, to whom they are dating and having a fling with. When I was growing up, my mother used to narrate how the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix among others were the best thing of all time. Little did she know that beyond her generation, there few who would be bothered with their music. Since morning, all global major television networks are carrying stories of how thousands of apple’s iPhone fans have camped outside apple stores for days, literally putting their lives on hold, so that they could “be a part of iPhone 5S phenomena,” as many of them were quoted as saying but even more were glued to the major news websites to find out more about the finer details of the phone.

More than a week ago, American celebrity, singer Miley Cyrus, became the joke of the Internet after her provocative dance moves at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards went viral. Her reference of the dance as “twerking” led to its inclusion in the hugely popular Oxford Dictionary Online within a few days and all wannabe know it all were using the word on almost every sentence.  The “untouchable” generations of 1990s and 2000s have effectively justified irresponsible culture of the so-called members of the fourth estate’s invasion of privacy by religiously celebrating celebrities. Without any doubt, our societies have become obsessed with celebrities and majority of them are spending a fortune dwelling on their lives that distract wannabes from the harsh truth. Unlike mom’s and my generation where we accessed celebs information via Tv and print media publications, the YouTube generation has direct access to plenty of celebrities through their accounts on social media. Gone are the days when buying Rolling Stone magazine in the streets of Melbourne was the only way to see paparazzi’s images of celebs and we can now access plenty of their lives details minute by minute.

Contador Harrison