Time to join Ruby 2.0 bandwagon

Posted on June 2, 2013 05:35 pm

I’ve been a keen programmer for more than one and half a decade now and witnessed the evolution of programming. However, lately I have become ‘Ruby hobbyist.” I can fully work with Ruby including professional code construction with latest 2.0 language release. Reading David A Black book called The Well Grounded Rubyist and Robert Martin well known as “Uncle Bob” book called Clean Code, A handbook of Agile Software Craftmanship has helped enormously. It took me three years to get around Ruby and become a decent performer and to the levels of polished Rubyist where I belong. Acquiring fast hardware for a spectacular performance has been a game changer.When I began, Ruby was the hardest thing I ever touched in programming because of its snail speed. Today, I can comfortably say that Ruby has evolved significantly and is easier to learn than back in the days and there’s plenty of low hanging performance fruit in Ruby-land.

If you are a Ruby fresher, you can use Discourse to get across the board for an increased performance improvement of about 15-22% by upgrading to Ruby 2.0. The evergreen Ruby community has remained awesome and for greenhorns, this is the most opportune moment to get into Ruby but i warn you it won’t transform your programming stripes overnight and extra efforts is required. I strongly believe that great programmers learn to love more than a single language and programming environment. Personally, I think the Discourse project is an opportunity for programmers to polish their skills and not just old timers like me. You can start by creating a new public github project to store the code in. After that, write the code using the most appropriate practices you select from Clean Code, and the skills. I advise that you use git as you proceed and importantly commit each change using the process learnt in unit 1.

Contador Harrison