Time is up for masculinity “Mr. Medieval”

Posted on August 15, 2013 12:28 am

One of my boyhood favorite Rap song was Tupac Shakur’s Me and my girlfriend which was unfortunately adulterated later by Jay Z and his then girlfriend, Beyonce Knowles in their 2003 hit song Bonny and Clyde (Read more about Jay Z on http://www.contadorharrison.com/book-review-empire-state-of-mind-by-zack-omalley-greenburg/). Although Hip Hop & Rap has never been my top genre of music, old and new tracks are part of my expansive music collection. Memorably, I recall a caricature done about Tupac’s song in a hip-hop magazine where a youthful black man was welcoming back his girlfriend with great joy about 17 years ago. Were it today, saints and other holier members of the society would have easily branded such young people acts as immorality. One would expect that extremism does not exist in love affairs. But there are few men who unashamedly, are too rowdy and reactive. Unless you live in a cave, the days when women were treated like garbage, male servants or slaves are long gone. Unlike few decades ago, unmarried women are today well paid and in some cases better than their male counterparts and are not servants of men anymore. Majority of them are bankrolling their high quality living standards. They can afford to hire servant to look after their houses, children, cook and clean.

I don’t fault women who act like pampered princess when at the driving seat or at work because most of them go through a lot from their supposedly superior male partners. For those men who thinks that suppressing their female partners is a proof of might, shame on you. Few days ago I was in a shopping mall where a male friend asked his child what he wanted and then ordered him to follow and relays the messages to the mom while we were talking at the till. A couple of times, just like me, I have come across men who do dishes, laundry and ironing, cooking, cleaning the crib, fixing and repairing electrical, removing cobwebs among many other small tasks. True to majority of men thinking, our lives have been made easier by advanced technology. Washing machines have eliminated hand washing, food delivery services have wiped out the need for cooking, online shopping has made traditional shopping obsolete to mention but a few. I am convinced that women complaints about their husbands managing and controlling them like robots has something to do with trouser wearers treating them as inferior partners and in some cases, culture dating back centuries is a factor.

Traditionally, men are used to handling women like the one at the supermarket with outdated mentality about gender hierarchies. Who said that men shouldn’t wash the utensils, that a man cannot wash anything except his car? Contador Harrison mops, cook, does laundry, and am still man enough. Relying on women to take care of everything is archaic. Numerous studies have shown that women become problematic when they believe they are being mistreated and unloved by men who were born in computer age but mentally are gothic. Am sure many will agree with me that many male employees complain about employers burdening them yet the same complainant, do the similar things to their female partners. Just because they are skirt wearers does not make them deficient human beings. Shame on if your one of those men who treats female partner as slaves, sex machines or servant. I understand that life in medieval times all the way until after women’s Beijing conference in 1995, women were for too long mistreated by men who viewed themselves as inferior humans beings. Handling a woman like the way despots handle opposition politician doesn’t’ make a man more manly. Time has come for men to treat women with dignity and decorum they deserve. Time is up for those airheaded men who have continued to embrace ancient hierarchical structures that treat women as secondary subjects. Unlike that buffoon at the supermarket, treat your female partner with respect.

Contador Harrison