The role of digital media in Ramadhan

Posted on June 29, 2014 03:08 pm

For Muslims, Ramadhan also means catching up with old friends and relatives. This is why iftar (fast breaking) at dawn is a favored time to dine out. Since the advent of social media, there are thousands of websites that provides a useful link to best meal offers, “buka puasa dealites”. The deals are at various establishments across each country, with a wide selection of cuisines, including western and oriental. Who would have thought that our muslim brothers and sisters can buy the meal packages online. is an American based website that offers hundreds of events and activities at special prices. The site automatically registers your location and brings up deals relative to your location. Deals on activities such as yoga classes to race entries are available, with offers of discounted prices as well as the chances to get them for free.

The site four categories: deals, escapes, fun and events and shop. 

Any business can be featured on the website and living social will help sell or promote your services online. The other websites that have similar lay out and ideas but most of them that I browsed through focuses their activities and deals in their home country. Also to welcome the Ramadhan season, there are social media sites that offers flight deals for people to fly back to their families with various pages for booking various airlines with package deals and special prices. For this holy month, websites in London to Sydney have banked the best packages for customers, offering a convenient way to make it happen. Other than flights, others provides train tickets. Other websites also have their own page for hotels. For example a website in Malaysia is accompanied by categories such as cheap hotel deals, popular hotels and most booked hotels. The special deals do have time limits and room limits, to both attract and alert customers to book swiftly.

Contador Harrison