The Queen by Ann Morrow

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Ann Morrow is a royal biographer of Irish origin, her book The Queen, written 35 years ago is an incisive account of what entails Queen Elizabeth behind the scenes life. It is a profile of Britain’s monarch private life and family as well as of her majesty the queen official responsibilities, including an account of royal wedding involving Prince Charles and Princess Diana as well as the Falklands war. Queen Elizabeth II tour of Morocco in 1980 was one of those I couldn’t get enough of reading, imagine an African leader arriving late for dinner with Queen of England? When she visited the country accompanied by her spouse Prince Philip and her staff stayed in the kingdom from the 27th to the 30th of October and visited Rabat Marrakech and Casablanca. However, Ann Morrow says the four day voyage by the Queen was nothing like what she expected. Ann Morrow writes that accounts emerged that the Queen was angered by how King Hassan II treated her and her staff. Well, according to Ann Morrow, Morocco’s King Hassan II left the Queen waiting for him under the sun until 5pm. More than that, invited for a state dinner, the Queen arrived in the palace to find that it was closed and no one was there.Ann Morrow also notes Queen Elizabeth has planned to visit a British funded Leonard Cherishe centre for the disabled, which the king did not want to attend but King Hassan II told the Queen that it was too late to go to the Leonard Cherishe home and he’d take her back to the palace. The Queen refused and told King Hassan II to stop the car and that she would go by herself.

Gloss cover of The Queen by Ann Morrow
The Queen by Ann Morrow without gloss cover
Ann Morrow is an Irish born Journalist who wrote this book after her stint as UK’s Daily Telegraph court correspondent
Chapter one makes the reader understand why Queen Elizabeth never embraced Princess Diana from beginning, like when she says ‘Diana can’t even go to the village shop to buy wine gums in peace’ to the editor of the News of The World Mr Barry Askew
Chapter two delves into Queen Elizabeth life from her date of birth 21 April 1926 in Mayfair at 17 Bruton street, the home of her grandfather

The author also writes that at Queen Elizabeth farewell banquet, Morocco’s Minister of the Court showed up and said the king would be grateful if the banquet could be delayed for a few hours but her majesty rejected to postpone the dinner and replied saying: I will perfectly understand if His Majesty is late and 54 minutes later, King Hassan II arrived to the dinner. Despite the ups and downs of this trip, Ann Morrow notes that the Queen and the British entourage left the kingdom with a positive gesture. Ann Morrow also heaps praise on Queen Elizabeth II for her tremendous efforts in making the August 1979 Commonwealth conference held in Lusaka.Back home there are loud calls for her to cancel the nine-day visit to Zambia and move the site of the Commonwealth conference because of fears that she could be threatened by the presence of Patriotic Front guerrilla forces of Joshua Nkomo who was fighting in the neighboring breakaway colony of Rhodesia for six years. The Queen trip also came at a time when British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative government had made progress with plans to lift economic sanctions against the new black-led Southern Rhodesian, present day Zimbabwe government led by then Prime Minister Abel Muzorewa. Ann Morrow writes Queen Elizabeth 11 used her influence to persuade Zambia’s President Kenneth Kaunda to drop parts of a planned speech which could have given offence to attendants at the conference who wouldn’t have liked to hear the likes of Robert Mugabe and Joshua Nkomo referred to as freedom fighters.

Ann Morrow writes that the Queen established her standards since childhood beginning with coronation day of her parents on 12th May 1937
Amazing pictures of Queen Elizabeth at the age of eleven in picture taken in March 1927 above and at age of two and half year below
Princess Elizabeth walking a corgi owned by her parents explains why she loves dogs to this day
During second world war, Princess Elizabeth spent time on amateur theatricals as one of their programme for their production shows in 1941 shows
Princess Elizabeth wedding day took place on 20 November 1947 at Westminster Abbey
Chapter five reveals how Princess Charles didn’t have confidence despite getting married to Diana
Queen Elizabeth is an example of how to manage weight as chapter seven of the chronicles about her weight

The author also chronicles events of Friday morning July 9 1982 at Buckingham palace when Queen Elizabeth woke up and saw that a strange man sitting on her bed. The man, was Michael Fagan dressed in jeans and a dirty T-shirt. Fagan, scaled a 14-foot wall at Buckingham Palace, climbed over barbed wire, and then scaled a drainpipe. Fagan roamed around inside the palace including triggering two alarms when he looked at King George V’s priceless stamp collection. Ann Morrow writes that security assumed the alarms could have been accidentally tripped and shut them off. That in turn gave Michael Fagan adequate time to reach the Queen’s personal bedroom. The author notes that the Queen usually has a security guard stationed outside of her door all the time but for Fagan he was lucky that his reach to the bedroom was made easier thanks to a shift change where one guard had departed and the incoming one was outside walking the dogs.The Queen kept it cool, picked up the phone from her bedside table and asked the operator at the palace switchboard to summon the police. Even though the operator relayed the message to the police, the cops didn’t respond.Ann Morrow details how the Queen failed in her attempt to summon a chambermaid by pressing a button, but no one appeared. As a result, the Queen and Fagan continued chatting. Then reached a point when Fagan asked for a cigarette, the Queen again called the palace switchboard but again there was no response.Ann Morrow extensively writes the Queen had spent her precious ten minutes with a mentally deranged intruder when a chambermaid entered the Queen’s quarters and then after seeing the intruder ran out and woke up a footman who then apprehended the intruder.The cops apparently arrived twelve minutes after the Queen’s first call which one can only describe as gross negligence.

The Queen looks jolly at Balmoral in a rain coat matching hood
The Queen puts a smile as she hands over a trophy to her son Prince Charle after his team won a polo event at Smith’s Lawn, Windsor
The Queen and Princess Margaret holding a hound, an indication her love for the pets extend beyond corgis
The Queen appears to be in great mood in company of Margaret Thatcher, the Britain’s first female Prime Minister
The Queen holding Prince Charles in a picture released in April 1949
Queen Elizabeth succeeded her father to the throne on 6th February 1952, pictured here after arriving in London Airport from Kenya
The Queen and husband Duke of Edinburg on a Royal tour of Nigeria in 1956 makes the two look like some hollywood couple
The Queen always asked dress designers to submit sketches and swatches of fabric
In this 1979 picture, Danish Queen Magrethe looks stunning in company of Queen Elizabeth 
Chapter 12 chronicles her journalists go through a rigorous process to get accredited for royal tours
The Queen’s silver wedding portrait is eye catching
Glamorous silver jubilee celebrations in 1977 were next to none at the time

In 1977, Queen Elizabeth celebrated the 25th anniversary of her accession to the throne, her Silver Jubilee. A lot of festivities were held and many people were celebrating.In England, an estimated crowd of one million people waved Her Majesty on her Gold State Coach as she travelled to St Paul’s Cathedral for a service of thanksgiving. Among the congregants at St Paul’s included US President Jimmy Carter, British Prime Minister James Callaghan and his predecessors Harold Wilson, Harold Macmillan, Alec Douglas-Home and Edward Heath. A further estimate of about 500 million people across the Commonwealth watched live television coverage of the events of the day, and around 12,000 street parties were held across Britain in honour of the Silver Jubilee.Notably covered by the authors were other prominent trips especially those used to celebrate her silver jubilee.To mark the Silver Jubilee, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh visited Western Samoa, Tonga, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Canada, Bahamas, British Virgin Islands, Antigua and Barbados. It is estimated that they travelled over 56,000 miles during the 12 months of 1977.Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip visited Australia in March 1977 as part of the celebrations of the Queen’s Silver Jubilee year. While in Australia, the Queen presided over the State Opening of Parliament in Canberra, visited all capital cities plus Launceston, Newcastle and other regional centres. However, not all the British were keen to celebrate the monarchy. At the height of the celebrations, on June 7, a rented boat called ‘the queen elizabeth’ shoved off the Charing cross Pier with artists, writers, a film crew and Sex Pistols.The trip was organized by the band’s manager Malcolm McLaren as a public relation stunt for the record “God Save The Queen” and a mockery of royal river procession which was scheduled 48 hours later. When ‘the queen elizabeth’ was making its way up and down the Thames, folks inside were drank and partying on the dance floor. When Sex Pistols took the stage, the band started playing “Anarchy in the UK” while the boat passed by the houses of Parliament. After they blasted on through several songs including “God Save the Queen” police boats surrounded the blaring music vessel. The police ordered boat return to the pier where police argued Virgin Records founder Richard Branson, who signed the rental and Malcolm McLaren who ended up being beaten by the police for his nasty language. Sex Pistols saw their sales of the new single “God Save The Queen” sell like hot cake and made the band one of the greatest in rock n roll history.

The Queen being carried on her 1982 trip to Pacific Islands
The Queen visited Pope John Paul II in Vatican in autumn of 1980 and gave him gifts
The Queen at Sandringham just before her son Prince Charles announced his engagement to Lady Diana Spenser
Queen Elizabeth first grandchild was born on 15th November 1977 when Princes Anne gave birth to her fist baby
The Queen with US President Ronald Reagan
Queen Elizabeth four day trip to Morocco in 1980 was not what she expected
The Queen celebrating her mother’s 80th birthday outside Clarence House
Back gloss cover of The Queen by Ann Morrow

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