The joy of being a single man

Posted on June 22, 2017 12:01 am

Being a single man is one of the finest achievement in life. Presently I’m happy to be single, although like most people I would not shed tears for being a great relationship because the mention of just the word marriage makes me chunder. What I have come to realise though, is that I would rather be single than be in a relationship that either is destructive or doesn’t honor principals of love. I’m one of those blokes who don’t want to be in a relationship just for the sake of being in a relationship. I have seen too many really painful relationships over the years and don’t want to put myself in that position. I know that both being in a relationship and being single have their hard points and great points. In my view, neither is worse than the other. If i were married or in a relationship, I believe i’ll not be having enough time weekly to write, polish my writing skills among other benefits that have come with me being single. I decided many years back that the best thing for me is not to worry about wanting a relationship but to live my life in a way that serves purpose. If in future a woman enters my life who will help me to serve me better, that’s good but if not, that’s good, too.I really dislike how our societies seems to expect that we either be in a relationship or we should be trying our hardest to find a relationship. What the hell is wrong with people, do they expect that how they lived and worked in 20th century is the way we millennials and millenniums will do? Hell no, that is yesterday’s life, we live for the present and future, am one of those who has defined his own path and not follow so called traditions of getting married or being in a relationship. I can do without a woman as I’ve done for ages and there are women out there who have lived for ages without men, are successful.

Relationships are supposed to be fun, that one i know. But it is my right to being single or even be scared of it. If you’ve always or mostly been single like your blogger, or maybe you’ve just joined the singles life after a long period of being coupled up, no doubt the idea of relationship makes you nauseous. In one way or another, never feel desperate just because you’re single. If you see being single as a negative, you’re going to attract nothing into your life. In my case, I love being single, I can do anything for myself, I can plan everything for myself and got no one to control what I do, whom i associate with, what I eat, how i live…benefits are limitless to me.If you see being single as a good things, plenty of benefits will come to you. My end goal while single is my secret but for those who would need my view, i’d say to them do not be in a hurry to end it as quickly as possible and start partnering up. I have seen such approach with my friends which has lead most of them around in a circle and almost all of those i know, it doesn’t take them long before they are back to being single. Their biggest undoing is the strategy of taking what’s available which isn’t always healthy and is never the right match. My goal is to enjoy singledom and make the most of it. I find it as an opportunity to focus completely on myself. Not just on my self-development, but on doing the things I love. Being single makes me feel I live for myself, not just by myself and it doesn’t mean being solely on a quest for love. For my case, its not even about love, being single has helped me find myself and learn how to be the best I can be out of a relationship and being just me. Those close to me know what I mean.I prefer being proactive in my entire life and finding love to me must come from a sincere experience grounded in being true to myself. As I always tell my friends who have left me in single life, gone to marriage and exited, some back to relationships, I will always relish life, indulge in my own interests and follow my own passions. Because am contented with my own life, some of those who are close to me are always attracted to way i live. Have always told folks that do not try to create your way into someone’s heart because it will never work and certainly not last. The sport that is singledom doesn’t need to have rules, except for one, be who you are. In conclusion, what should I say to people who keep asking me why I am still single? I’m not sure what I will tell such people but I know it doesn’t matter whether I give a reply or not. Perhaps I should start telling them I am in a relationship, one that lasts beyond this world, and I am happy to introduce them to this amazing person who has changed my life completely called singleton. No matter what I tell people I know my identity is found in the one true and real relationship that no relationship here on earth can compare to.

Contador Harrison