Telecoms in East Africa are targeting youths

Posted on August 5, 2014 08:01 am

A newly conducted study has shown that telcos in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda will continue its expansion into the prepaid mobile data segment with additional features that are targeted at the population of between 21 and 35 years. A researcher involved in the study told me that the initial features have been running steadily during piloting and user feedback for the app has been good so far.One of the telco in Tanzania is targeting 500,000 downloads for one of their app by year-end from its prepaid user segment. A Kenyan telecom has seen its initial app garner some 5,000 downloads.The app is expected bring in a higher number of mobile data users from the youth segment and gives youthful customers access to rewards as well as a new and easier way for prepaid users to track their balance and data usage, top up and purchase mobile internet services. Some of the features include sharing and purchasing functionality. The involvement of the mobile operators in App is part of telco’s long-term plan to grow their mobile data market, particularly among its younger users.

A Tanzanian telecom operator noted that about three quarters of their users are in the prepaid segment, the bulk of whom are youth. Researchers considers prepaid segment as a very price-conscious category, simply because most of them are in the younger age group. So we wanted to make it easier for them to stay connected to the Internet at all times.One Telecom in Kenya is trying to encourage users to stay connected to the internet at a flat rate. A Ugandan telecom has seen its no pay-per-use charges address a major pain point in the mobile data market, whereby smartphone users have their data quota drained by automatic updates From the beginning, Telecoms had a clear proposition. Mobile data is a fast growing segment and we want to grow that. So some have launched a series of efforts to encourage connectivity all the time particularly with the prepaid segment. It is estimated that in pre paid about 73% of mobile subscribers in the East Africa are smartphone users. The percentage of smartphone users among our prepaid segment is almost the same.

Contador Harrison