Tanya Plibersek is a gifted leader

Posted on January 23, 2018 12:06 am

A federal female politician in Canberra told Contador Harrison last year that women’s participation in Australia politics like that of Tanya Plibersek is too crucial to be overlooked.As a senior political figure, she said a nation on the rise like Australia needs its women to play a more active role in its affairs. With its economy growing, the highly educated politician said Australians must allow more women to hold leadership positions in business, politics, culture and social organization. Thats what the deputy Australia’s Labor leader since 2013 Tanya Plibersek aptly illustrates, there is no shortage of female talent in Australia. Women have long played a prominent role in the lives of Australia and businesses but increasingly they do not want to be treated differently to men. Where in the past they may have sought special treatment, today they want to be seen as equal partners with their male colleagues and thats why i have come to appreciate the leadership of Tanya Plibersek. When people talk about gender equality in Australia, women’s participation in politics is an issue that is too crucial to be overlooked. In the past, your blogger has read a number of reports and research on gender equality, particularly in community forums. In summary, the way most of these reports and studies discuss gender equality is usually skewed toward culture and values that Tanya Plibersek has always been able to relate to. The gender pay gap, for example, is one of the issues that surfaces most frequently. Your blogger was there to support Lisa Wilkinson after she quit her job for what one can describe as unfair treatment for being a female.When it comes to Tanya Plibersek’s participation, she is more concerned with what happens to women in the streets, public spaces and homes. To her, the objectification of women, the misogynistic point of view, sexual and domestic abuse pose a stronger threat to women in Australia than issues that are more frequently discussed in the media and political chambers.

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Nevertheless, Tanya Plibersek has realized that it would be more difficult for her to properly fight against these issues if women’s participation in politics and policymaking remained at the current level. There is need to increase the level of women’s participation in Australian politics in the coming years and we need Tanya Plibersek to remain at the forefront. In the spirit of breeding the next Tanya Plibersek, the deputy Labor leader should urge Australian women to dare to break more boundaries like she has done. There are already plenty of inspiring Australian female politicians like Julie Bishop,Michelle Rowland, former Premier Julia Gillard,Kelly O’Dwyer, Sarah Hanson-Young, Samantha Dunn, Lidia Thorpe, entrepreneurs, artists like Jessica Mauboy, activists but the country need more of them to be involved to turnaround the status quo. Australia need more women to fight for women’s issues in the legislative assemblies, boardrooms etc. Tanya Plibersek has shown that women can do it not only by urging institutions to provide more opportunities for women but also by encouraging other women to strive for leadership positions like she has done.Australian women should try to seize leadership opportunities and dare to run for office like Tanya Plibersek did with Labor. Not only to lead in the boardroom, but also win on the ballot like Julia Banks did. Also, whenever possible,Tanya Plibersek should mentor younger women like Victorian Labor MP Clare O’Neil to support and assist them in fulfilling their aspirations, as well as encouraging them to dare to have bigger ambitions. Australia need to be role models like Tanya Plibersek for young girls who in the past did not dare to dream of the big things they could achieve. Before Australian women ask blokes to provide more opportunities for them, they can start by seizing them and setting own examples like Tanya Plibersek who has stated it is her goal to inspire other Australian women to realize their potential.

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