Taiwan hardware vendors see opportunities in mobility business

Posted on December 4, 2014 09:15 pm

Mobility business, led by smartphones, tablets and wearable devices, is set to continue opening up new opportunities as the revenue proportion from traditional personal-computer products declines for computing hardware manufacturers according to Vanessa Li, a friend working as a consultant in Taiwan.The company she consults expects worldwide Chromebook sales to grow by 76 per cent in 2014 due to affordability and low maintenance costs.She told me that Windows PCs and notebooks will still continue, but Chromebook is an alternative option and research shows they will co exist. Chromebooks and two-in-one notebooks which is the hybrid devices between notebooks and tablets were the bright spots for growth. Taiwan’s biggest hardware vendors have been relying on notebooks for a long time, but now they are shifting to a dual strategy that consists of Bring Your Own Cloud service and connected devices.One of them is already aligning all apps and services under the sub-brand Acer BYOC. Then it plans to create new solutions and platform alliances, helping software and hardware developers build their own cloud apps based on Open Platform.

Acer is one of the companies according to Vanessa Li is working on opportunities in mobility
Acer is one of the Taiwanese companies according to Vanessa Li is working on opportunities in mobility


Users will have the option to store data on personal computers or on an data centre. BYOC offers apps, middleware, and consultancy on its data centre.In Taiwan, there is also technology to connect multiple devices.Firms there are not only thinking about individual devices but also about the whole range of computing devices, from corporate to consumer.Companies like Acer will offer wearable devices as a part of total mobility solution, not such devices alone and according to Li will be available in the near future. Taiwanese company’s business strategy is in line with their corporate focus on mobility with BYOC and connected devices. For example Acer has changed.It is not only a PC company but have become a total mobility company Li told me. In Taiwan, the core business traditional PCs and notebooks will be diluted to only half their total revenue by the end of this month, while smartphone revenue will account for more than a quarter.


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