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iPad mini doesn’t impress me much

As a music addict by nature,I recalled with nostalgia a late 1990s Canadian pop singer Shania Twain hit song ‘you don’t impress me much’ when I watched live online the launch of “iPad Mini”.Steve Jobs was one time quoted as a hater of smaller tablets.Just over a year after his demise,a smaller iPad is no longer a dream but a reality.It has an aluminium back and comes in either black and slate or white and silver models and is just 0.7cm weighing 308g which is the lightest tablet in the market. “iPad mini” is likely to attract new customers but the higher than anticipated price will come as a disappointment to low income earners. When browsing the web, Apple says, the iPad mini has around 50 per cent more display area in portrait mode and 67 per cent in landscape.

Image from the live launch video

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