Tablets taking over from TV

Posted on December 24, 2012 05:23 pm

Tomorrow is Christmas and just like most people do on the eve of the day, I took a walk around the city to window shop since nowadays most of my shopping is done online.I was surprised that in almost all shopping malls I passed kids were holding iPads and other types of Tablets playing games and watching videos as their parents and guardians were busy shopping. If you are wondering what a tablet is for, the answer appears to come from PlayStation generation who are spending their entire free time watching videos and playing games. In fact, for most children and adult users, tablets are now replacing TVs as their first screen. After todays events, I tried to analyzes the viewing habits of my close friends which gave me an indication of a growing trend for using smartphones and, in particular and tablets for consuming video and for watching live stream broadcasts, sports events and feature films.I recall when the iPad 3 was launched, tablets’ share of video viewing jumped 26 percent and has since then grown 90 percent. What’s more, 71 percent of total tablet viewing time was spent watching videos 10 minutes or longer and 30 percent of viewing time was spent watching content over an hour long.

People of all gender and age are not only using tablets to watch content but there are also using the connected games consoles and smart TVs to access and watch content at a high growing rate. In fact, the latest statistics that I perused recently show that game consoles are now more popular than desktop computers for watching live video with users spending on average 43 minutes watching on demand and live streams compared with 40 minutes for desktops. Tablets also score highly in this regard and I can conclude that engagement and comfort are driving this behavior by users in most parts of the world. I have no doubt that most users like me find using a tablet, smart TV or connected console is more comfortable than sitting at a desk, in front of a PC, even though that is the traditional destination for searching for and watching online content. What is also clear is that regardless of device, people are turning to the Internet for films, TV and live events rather than their traditional broadcaster or cable providers.

Contador Harrison