Sydney heatwave hottest in 78 years

Posted on January 7, 2018 02:09 am

Multiple Sydney friends have been sweltering in temperatures that soared to the highest level in 78 years, as the western suburb of Penrith broke its all time record with a sweltering 47.3 Celsius equivalent to 116.78 Fahrenheit. One of the Sydneysider told your blogger that he’s never experienced any heat like that before and nudism was now his way of life until conditions can improve.Sydney heatwaves pose a significant risk to public health and there’s every reason to be worried as heat related illness can range from mild conditions, such as a rash or cramps, through to heat exhaustion, and even potentially fatal conditions such as heat stroke. The lucky thing about Sydneysiders is that there is a comprehensive heatwave framework to help reduce the impact on public health. While the framework and collective efforts of agencies contributes to a reduction in the severity of the impact of heatwaves, there are shortcomings that need to be addressed as a matter of urgency if New South Wales is to be adequately prepared for, and able to respond appropriately to, a prolonged heatwave. One of the challenges is that governance arrangements for heatwaves are not clear to this day but one has to say social media has helped fill the gap as experts are able to share their ideas, views online helping hundreds of thousands of those affected by the condition across New South Wales. In the case of today, public health messages about the potentially significant health risks associated with extreme heat needed to be disseminated more effectively to the broader community and not just targeted to the most vulnerable groups. Community members need to understand not only the nature of the potential risks to health but also how to manage these risks appropriately.

New South Wales however deserves credit as it issued online updates on the need for people to stay cool and hydrated.The Bureau of Meteorology initially announced it was Sydney’s hottest-ever day before discovering there was a 47.8 degree day in the suburb of Richmond in 1939. According to data, Penrith had just recorded its highest ever temperature as the mercury shot to 47.1 degrees just before 2pm local time prompting Rural Fire Service to issue a severe fire danger rating for the city as much of Sydney reached it’s peak temperature around 3pm on Sunday, with the city’s west bearing the brunt of the heat. Richmond reached 46.3C just after 2.30pm while the temperature in Bankstown broke 45C. A severe fire danger rating was issued for the greater Sydney region while much of the rest of the state was put on a very high rating.Total fire bans were put in place for Sydney and the Hunter region and authorities warned residents to prepare their bushfire plans. Those people considering leaving their homes were asked to leave early.Notably, temperatures hit 43.4 degrees Celsius at Sydney’s Observatory Hill just after 1pm. As temperatures soared across the state, thousands of people were left without power.Power outages across the New South Wales Central Coast affected more than 4000 properties, while almost 3000 properties were left without power throughout Sydney region.It was reported that while additional load on the network from the high temperatures had contributed to some of the outages, there were several other factors at play.

Contador Harrison