Survey: Android fuels growth in global tablet sales

Posted on May 1, 2013 09:27 am

The global sales of tablet computers in the first quarter of 2013 has grown significantly, in a growth largely driven by Android-powered devices that outpaced gains by Apple’s iPads, according to the latest data released this afternoon by IDC. Research firm revealed that the worldwide tablet market saw a huge growth of 142.4 percent compared to the same period a year ago, with shipments hitting 49.2 million units in the first three months of this year. IDC figures showed Android accounted for 56.5% of tablet sales, with gains of 247% for the year. Microsoft’s Surface tablets produced a small sale of 900,000 in the quarter, including its basic Surface RT and Surface Pro version. Windows powered tablets accounted for sales of 1.8 million that accounts for roughly 3.7% of the overall market.

IDC figures shows that Apple has outperformed its most recent projections for the quarter, shipping 19.5 million units, growth of 65% over the year, helped by its iPad mini. Samsung produced growth of 282%, grabbing a market share of 17.9%. Asus, the maker of Google Nexus 7 tablet moved into third place with a 5.5% market share and 350% growth. Amazon and its Kindle line of tablets, which use a version of Android, dropped to fourth place with a market share of 3.7%. The sales data surpassed that of the entire first half of 2012, and was fueled by strong demand for smaller-screen devices, such as the iPad mini and Nexus 7.However, despite the Android domination, Apple still remains the largest single vendor although data shows its market share slipped to 39.6%, from 43.6% in the fourth quarter, because of what research company claims is the slower growth than its rivals using Google’s Android operating system.

Contador Harrison