Super Bowl 2018

Posted on February 4, 2018 12:07 am

Super Bowl LII(52) is finally here with New England Patriots facing Philadelphia Eagles, unlike last year, your blogger won’t place a bet on who will win. New England Patriots has proved time and again that this era belongs to them just like Dallas Cowboys did in early 1990s.The New England Patriots will be playing for their sixth NFL championship, with the Philadelphia Eagles will be hoping for their maiden victory when they take the field later today in Minneapolis. They haven’t won any championship since 1960.There are plenty of stuff to look out for starting with one of my favorite female singers of all time, three-time Grammy Award winner Pink who will sing the national anthem at America’s biggest sports game. Kelly Clarkson is also lined up to provide pre-game entertainment. Also, I’m excited Justin Timberlake will take centre stage in the halftime show, the first time since 2004 when together with Janet Jackson were involved in the so called “wardrobe malfunction” incident. However, it will be his third appearance, having also performed as a part of NSYNC in 2001, gosh that looks like yesterday to me but its 17 years ago.About the teams, Philadelphia Eagles has met New England Patriots 13 times before have won on seven occasions, but suffered a notable defeat in the 2005 Super Bowl, I vividly recall New England Patriots ran out 24-21 winners in a game played in Jacksonville, Florida. Back then, we had no Twitter, no Facebook, no YouTube and George Bush junior was the occupant of White House. The best quarterbacks in the AFC was Tom Brady against the best quarterback in the NFC in Donovan McNabb and recall commentators saying that Brady had a chance to get closer to the great Joel Montana.

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On the other hand, McNabb had a point to prove, eventually one of the greatest, if not the greatest, Brady’s New England Patriots triumphed with those memorable two touchdown passes from him.This time round, Philadelphia Eagles has two wonderful quarterbacks, Carson Wentz and Nick Foles who compiled a 15-3 record this season and although its hard to write off New England Patriots, they look like a more finished product than 2005 team. Some of the players that I’m gonna look out for their display are Chris Long who won the Super Bowl with New England last year before moving to Philadelphia Eagles this season. With him will be LeGarrette Blount, another ex-Patriots Super Bowl winner considered to be Philadelphia Eagles head of offence. Another one is Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles and the 29-year-old if he starts will be a thorn in the flesh for the Patriots. On the New England Patriots side, the legendary New England quarterback Tom Brady who if his team wins, will add to his record five Super Bowl rings at the age of 40. Fingers crossed Rob Gronkowski winner of two Super Bowls with the Patriots will be fit enough to play effectively and with Brandin Cook formerly of New Orleans Saints who posted his third straight 1,000-yard receiving season, they will be a headache for Philadelphia Eagles.Dion Lewis a running back is another valuable player for Patriots and if it will be a good day in office for him, then Philadelphia Eagles have a reason to worry. It’s almost time for what is undeniably the biggest event on America’s sporting calendar, and this year marks the 52nd edition of the big game and it is shaping up to be a box office event.When I asked ten of my friends who have passionately followed the sport for decades like your blogger, seven of them tipped New England Patriots to repeat last year’s success and three backed Philadelphia Eagles to win. This time round i’ll be a fence sitter when it comes to predictions and will share pots match views here just like in the past. Like over a hundred million people around the world, your blogger is planning to watch from home as events unfold at the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.

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