Story of gang raped woman

Posted on May 30, 2015 03:48 am

Her local area police and other law enforcement agencies were gobsmacked by the sickening gang rape of a young woman few months ago but some locals blamed the unnamed victim.”Contador Harrison some people spread falsehood saying that I was drunk and wearing a mini skirt and high heels” the victim said while few individuals who got to know about the issue posted on social media disclosing my ordeal while others demanded to know what I doing walking home alone at 730pm.To set the record straight, I was on my way home from the salon and not drunk as few cloddish would have wanted the public to believe, she added. According to dimwits online posts, the victim was practically asking for something bad to happen and she deservedly got it.The chat was what I can describe to be the most hurtful conversation I’ve had for ages.And for people to suggest that the movements of women should be restricted in order to avoid such heinous attacks is abhorrent.I have heard before that when it comes to sexual assault,airheads believe the victim should not have been there at that time,or done that, or dressed in mini skirts,or behaved like that, when in fact what people should be asking, “Where does the flighty scatterbrained simpleton called sex offender get off thinking they can behave like that and how dare they?.”

As a libertarian,Contador Harrison strongly believe that our women have every right to be in any place at any time doing whatever it is that they choose, just as men do.It is the featherbrained offenders who are wrong and whose behavior is offensive and should rot in jail. In simpler terms, the are the ones who should not be there. It is rapers behaviors that need to change and their lives that should be restricted especially in gaol.It’s every woman’s human right to be able to go about her business in safety irrespective of time and place.Mentally healthy people responsibility should be to reject the behaviors of sex offenders and the attitudes and beliefs that create an environment in which they think they can act as they do.While any form of sexual assault is always horrific, an attack by strangers at night or during the day is the worst nightmare that all women are warned about though statistics shows such cases are rare.“Contador Harrison, I was a little girly girl who never wore pants due to levels of poverty in our family and we were raised by a single mother. I vividly recall that my mother could only afford to buy me a dress on my first day of kindergarten.”

For me,I thank God because as I gained more self-cognizance,I shared my plight with our teacher who bought for me a pair of short pants and it was first time I covered myself under my dress and since then I gained confidence in playing with other girls and boys.After completion of my elementary school, I got full scholarship for my secondary and university education where I graduated with a first class degree in chemistry but ended up joining corporate life in an international pharmaceutical company that was opening shops in our country. That was when I first saw ladies wearing short and tiny skirts,I thought there was a sudden rise in the popularity of mini skirts within the organization. Women colleagues were fit and beautiful, leaving me to admire them left right and center.And thats where I picked the habit of putting mini skirts but i’ve never exceeded the ‘social limit.’As she continued, her motivation of mini skirts wasn’t about just to look pretty, but to look pretty while working and to exude the confidence and attitude like her female workmates.Still,in our society Contador Harrison people aren’t thrilled with the idea of seeing women wearing mini skirts. They seem to think that women who go to work in skirts aren’t serious employees and most probably they are loose women.

Others have this notion that mini skirt wearers turn workplaces into a beauty pageant offices.But for me Harrison I strongly believe that a lady is even more powerful when she feels pretty.Apart from that,from a practical standpoint, it’s nice to have clothing that reflects our multitasking lives from workplaces, driving to and from work, shopping among many other stuff women have to do on a daily basis.Skirts and dresses make up a large portion of my regular wardrobe and have no regrets at all Contador Harrison. Normally, I wear knee-length straight skirts with boots and longer breezy, gauzy skirts with sandals. Some of my female colleagues mini skirts have far shorter and more intimidating hemlines.After years of wearing mini skirts Contador, I figured I had earned the right, at least by miles alone, to show some leg and that has boosted my confidence and can pull it off.When not wearing mini skirt,I do half-tights. But one of the best things about being a woman today Contador Harrison, is that we have so many options. Whether am in the boardroom, on the home front, or on the starting line,I can bring it on like Contador Harrison or any other man in this world, but it doesn’t mean I have to look like one and therefore I feel emotional distress and physical disorder and as well as regular somatic sensation of acute discomfort.

After listening to the rape victims whose rapists is expected to be sentenced soon,the conviction has not diminished the impact that violence has had on the young woman who was attacked by strangers in walk path that was full of pedestrians.I don’t also think that when he’s jailed for a minimum of 14 years according to the victim’s country laws, it should not in any way decrease the empathy and support offered in her recovery and your blogger is one of them.While I was appalled by the actions of those young men, there is need to keep in mind that most sexual assaults are committed by friends, acquaintances and family members although there are rare cases of strangers committing such crimes. Research conducted globally six years ago revealed that in most sexual assaults, the offender uses the familiarity and trust that comes with knowing a person to manipulate them into a location where they can commit their act without interruption or witness.Like the rape victim i spent time with, sex offenders commonly blame and even threaten the person to stop them reporting to police or confidantes.People of all walks of life should support, not blame,victims of sexual assault or marital rapes.indeed we should send a clear message to such criminals that irrespective of where they are,they will be brought to account and justice will be meted on them severely.

Contador Harrison