Story of a love rejectee

Posted on June 9, 2017 12:00 am

A couple of days ago was having a chinwag with a friend who is yet to recover from being rejected by his skirtie. In his own words, you feel rejected when you fail to get love, attention, friendship or approval from a person from whom you wanted to receive this. For his case, when he was turned down by someone who he asked out on a date, when his partner fell out of love with him and she ended up in group of friends meeting up together without inviting him in his hood. The emotion is triggered by his girl action revealed to him what his actual feelings for the lady are. In our convo, he made clear that his action were outright and deliberate, for instance, when the girl told him she don’t want to see him anymore. My advise is take care lovers, wherever you are. Whether you’re in a relationship or want to be in a relationship, research over a number of relationships that leaves behind broken hearts and broken wallets. I’m not in love with anyone and ain’t even an idea that makes among the top 50 list of my concern or wishes. My friend is living a miserable life just because he trusted a female species who was only interested in his deep pockets, I call such bronze diggers, small pennies and off they go, perhaps it high time their high end sisters known as gold diggers teach such a trick or two. Fortunately, this bleak trend is only found amongst couples on a downward trajectory who aren’t the happiest to begin with.However, the other person can also be rejecting you unintentionally, for example, when a group of friends meets up and forgets to invite you. In some cases, the other person might not even know they are rejecting a partner, for example, many women will feel some rejection when their men more interested in their football watching than in them, at least temporarily.It is also common for people to feel rejected by those people whose love or approval they were seeking out.

These may be people they have known for a long time like friends, family members, neighbours or people who they have just met potential lovers in some cases, people they want to work, parents whose approval needed among others. In each of these cases, there may be others who do love or admire someone, but this is often irrelevant. Although such acts of rejection are usually isolated, people can project them on their whole self, and feel that nobody loves or likes them.For stable or improving couples, rejection thankfully didn’t serve as a catalyst for breakup. But it’s hard to avoid the pressure of rejection as my friend demonstrated while we were having a chat. The internet is always littered with love stories reminding people of how love good is.Think you’re single and safe like your blogger? There are so many online forums urging those not in romantic relationships to seek one out. Whether you are a conscientious objector to the commercialisation of love online like conservative folks are, it is difficult not to get swept up in the sentiment.Despite the glossy image love birds portray online, it can be calamitous for some, it is hard to make relationships positive and beneficial one for you and your loved ones.For those not in a romantic relationship like your blogger, it’s hard to avoid the normative message that you are meant to be in one. In my view, it is not worth risking social rejection by asking someone for a relationship because the case involving my friend has made me know that social rejection hurts which has resulted in activation in his brain areas that are active during physical pain as he explained.The pain of social loss can be equally as distressing, as demonstrated by the activation of pain-related neural circuitry upon social disconnection.Of course, don’t think that love is just for lovers, even those of us who aren’t in a relation also do. If all else fails on your relationship, then your rejected, settle back and listen to rock music or take some time and talk to your friend like my friend did with me.

Contador Harrison