Story of a girl battered by boyfriend

Posted on June 24, 2017 12:04 am

Its summer season and mood of what to write has shifted a little bit to stories I’ve come across recently. Today, I share a story of a 21 years old girl who is a daughter to a close friend bashed almost to death by her boyfriend three weeks ago. She was beaten so badly she suffered a severe brain injury and has been in a coma for three weeks. That evening when he bashed her, he repeatedly stomped on and kicked her head according to an investigation report by the local police. While lying in her hospital bed, her father told me that he and medical staff could see the imprint of boyfriend’s shoe in her very swollen face. Intensive care medical staff told her father they had never seen injuries like hers before.She was 20 years old when she began her relationship with the abusive, moody, violent boyfriend, whom she has admitted to have fallen in love with because he’s handsome, who is five years older than her. The father told your blogger that the daughter admitted that the boy is extensively controlling and possessive with her.As she awaits medical report to establish whether a release from hospital is in sight, the 21 year old girl who thought she was in love must have learnt a bitter lesson. No doubt its a life changing outcome. She thought everything was great at first until he started the abuse and thought it was her fault, so she made up excuses for his actions, but no one deserves to be treated the way he treated her. The father says his daughter believed he loved her.Before her abusive relationship many age mates described her as a very healthy, fit and beautiful young girl in control of her own life. Myself actually saw that girl like four years ago when I met the father and her in a local swimming gala. She was actually a winner that day as the quickest swimmer during a local competition which I was contracted to stream live. Her brother emotionally drained and equally devastated with his sister case, told your blogger that his sister was pretty smart although he couldn’t see that staying in the relationship could put her in a coma with a brain injury.

Apparently, she had shared some of her ordeals with the brother, some which were well documented in her iPhone and have been shared with investigators.Its very sad that the young girl thought she was just living life to the fullest not to know that she really lived it almost to the end.Its regrettable that the girl didn’t take signs of their abusive relationship seriously and now assault has landed her in intensive care.In one of the text changes with the boyfriend, he was threatening to kill himself if she went away. Unfortunately the girl didn’t raise the alarm to any of her friend but now the data on the phone has proved to be a gold mine in the case which has utterly shocked our hood.At this time of the year, her expatriate family was planning a summer holiday and its after sharing those plans, when the boyfriend said he would kill himself if she went for that holiday. She asked him for a one on one conversation, and when they met, thats when the young girl met her near-fatal experience.At the time she didn’t tell any family member that the boyfriend has opposed her going for holiday, she was frightened of what her boyfriend would do to himself if she went away. I didn’t tell anyone he had said he would kill himself if she left with the family for holiday. Her plans, according to the notebook obtained by investigators is that she planned to tell the boyfriend to her her craft a convincing plan on how to tell her family that she no longer wanted to go away with them for the holiday. She knew that her parents would be faced with no alternative but to drag her into the car and force her to go on holiday as planned and therefore she needed help of the boyfriend to plan how to navigate through that obstacle. Perhaps, when they met and she explained, its when the boyfriend went berserk.Its a heartbreaking story that has left my friend in tatters, the mother can barely sleep and her siblings are shattered and whole community lips are sealed. For now, I can only say that she is a young girl who was fooled to believe she was in love. There are many things after her recovery she will be aware of, which should make her more wiser.

Contador Harrison