Stephanie Dyball and Megan Stapleton

Posted on December 14, 2017 12:15 am

Stephanie Dyball who is 30 year old, and partner Megan Stapleton, aged 32, will be among the first legal same sex couples to marry in Australia.The lesbian couple in Melbourne are said to have successfully obtained a waiver from the one month waiting period because their wedding was already paid for and family were traveling from Britain to attend.The Melbourne women ceremony is planned for 21st December 2017, which is next Thursday. The news of Dyball and Stapleton has a female friend of your blogger from Seymour in the outskirts of Melbourne who has been practicing lesbianism for almost 17 years excited. In fact she told your blogger a couple of hours ago, that practicing lesbianism now that is legal in Australia makes her perfect and she’s pretty sure naturally being gay is sweetest thing to have happened in her life. In her own words, she said it just took actually sleeping with a woman at age of 17 for her to figure it out. As lady who came out when at the age of 19, she’s heard the tales about dykes and reckon it’s about time all of them were put to rest. It is her top priority to doing same as all those who have dedicated their time in that legendary myth busting about lesbianism in the state of Victoria and where possibly in the whole of Australia. She said, if invited, next Thursday schedule will be binned for her to attend and witness the wedding of Dyball and Stapleton.With same sex marriage now officially a law, the first gay weddings were expected to happen from next month due to one month’s notice but Dyball will now legally marry her partner Stapleton after the couple successfully applied for a waiver of the one-month waiting period because their celebrant told them if they provided the evidence to the births deaths and marriages office they may be given the right to legally marry earlier. As my lesbian friend reminded about straight folks like your blogger, some who are queers, days when we found it hard to comprehend a relationship that doesn’t have a masculine feminine dynamic are long gone. She believes that there’s a the flat out misapprehension that a legitimate relationship has to have someone in a male or female role. Her view is that gender is not innate, it’s fluid, and it shifts from relationship to relationship and even within the same relationship over time.

When people male ask her who the man is, they are either wondering who takes charge or, more often, they’re wondering what you do under the covers. We are lucky to have Contador Harrison’s of this world to educate male species, it’s none of their business to know who is banging this lady or the other. Born in Seymour, the lady who also occasionally lives in Shepparton, told your blogger that most people hardly manages the concerned relatives and friends at some time in their coming out journey in lesbianism, even after years of serial monogamy and when it falls through, Contador Harrison I can tell you it’s actually one of the most devastating things to hear from a parent, sibling, or person you really care about, because it shows a fundamental disconnect with who you are and comes from a school of thought that delegitimizes same sex relationships as inferior, a sort of hobby for girls who are too ugly or outspoken or fat or demanding for the male gaze. That was 20th century mentality than still exists today but thank oracles, “we have Contador Harrison’s of this world who despite being straight, they care about LGBT community,” she added. According to her, the story of Dyball and Stapleton who met in Beijing in 2011 is a testament that irrespective of what some in the society feel, love will always triumph and that is why Dyball who hails from Britain fell in love with Stapleton, an Australian. Although some people may practice both lesbianism and straight sexual orientations, my friend believes that no amount of people’s comments or views is going to change her sexuality and other true lesbian members in Melbourne and Australia in general. Contador, if am attracted to women, and frankly why wouldn’t I be, there is no Mr Right, she added. Listening to the childhood friend, made me realize that I’ve been on the right side of history, even hough LGBT community isn’t anything I can ever consider, the days when anything that doesn’t involve a penis apparently being not sex are over. The thing is, while she’s sure they’re very nice men out there including your blogger, she’s into the sort of thing where penis just doesn’t really do it for her. Luckily for her and other lesbians in Melbourne, there are no by-laws governing the proper conduct of intimate relations and thats why we have a wedding between Stephanie Dyball and Megan Stapleton happening in a week’s time, your blogger wishes them well.

Contador Harrison