Star Wars: Battlefront

Posted on September 21, 2015 12:00 am

Am one of those excited by Star Wars: Battlefront.True blue, I can’t express how I will be delighted to play the game come November 17th 2015.It has got me thinking what I will do with its multiplayer possibilities, and a new mode, Drop Zone which will be part of the experience.Then there is Teams of Rebel and Empire soldiers tussling up to 16 players seek to secure a set of drop pods plummeting to their planet’s surface.Drop Zone mode is being prepared for two teams of eight, each of which must secure five fallen pods, or hold a majority within each round’s 10-minute limit. Apparently, Star Wars: Battlefront will intelligently monitor the back-and-forth between the teams, sending down another pod, if necessary, to break any stalemate and keep the action going. Any competitive players will be able to try out the Drop Zone game modes staged on the Sullust maps.Its more than just a simple multiplayer beta,since the preview has a little bit of everything.Soft gamers looking for a more solitary experience will have access to a Survival Mission mode, compatible with offline solo play and local and online co-op.Sadly, EA still isn’t sure when we gamers should be able to download the beta just that it’ll be available to all Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4 from 17th November this year. Once a team has moved in around a pod, it won’t be as simple as digging in and camping it out, the Battlefront blog explains; opposing forces have various ways and means to pick off inactive players. Droids, turrets and orbital strikes mean that everyone has to stay on their toes and keep moving in order to win the day. Every successfully secured pod then opens up to reveal useful items, an incentive to stay behind and pick over the spoils; simultaneously, another unclaimed pod is dropping nearby, pushing players to think and act quickly.

Star Wars:Battlefront.Image copyright EA
Star Wars:Battlefront.Image copyright EA

Other game modes previously outlined include the 40-person Walker Assault, airborne Fighter Squadron, and the sequential control point capture of Supremacy. Star Wars: Battlefront studio DICE indicate that the game shouldn’t be considered a clone of Battlefield, though it’s not hard to draw parallels between Drop Zone and some old Battlefield favourites.Capturing and holding neutral or opposition territory are features that have cropped up in Conquest first introduced in 2002’s series starter Battlefield 1942, Rush in 2008’s Battlefield: Bad Company and Domination in an expansion for 2011’s Battlefield 3. Most closely resembling Drop Zone is a mode from 2012’s Medal of Honor: Warfighter, itself a second attempt at reviving another, older EA franchise whose two-yearly release schedule was to dovetail with that of Battlefield. It contained a mode called Hotspot that saw two teams fight it out for control of several bombsites which, unlike standard control points, would be randomly placed at the start of each round. Star Wars: Battlefront is to release the week of Nov 17 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC, one month before Star Wars: The Force Awakens releases in cinemas.It seems like every time we see Star Wars Battlefront, it gets a little more exciting.Small, but missions.Aerial combat with up to 20 players.What is in my mind is whether this game will possibly live up to its own hype?I will personally be going to find out come November 17th.The game developer EA has announced that Star Wars Battlefront beta is going to be open to all of us.

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