Sophos Security Threat Report 2013

Posted on December 19, 2012 10:46 pm

The continent of Asia is the world’s most dangerous Internet surfing region with Indonesia leading followed by China and flood stricken country of Thailand coming third globally as one of the most-dangerous base for accessing the web, according to a worldwide study released last week. According to a security study, Indonesia is the riskiest country in which to access the Internet. The research by Internet security firms showed that web users have a higher risk of being attacked or becoming infected with some sort of malware in Asia than any other part of the world. The Security Threat Report  ranked Norway, Sweden and Japan as the safest countries to access the Internet, all with infection and attack rates under three per cent.Indonesia has 23.5 per cent cyber-risk factor followed by China with 21.3 per cent. One of the interesting observations was how Eastern and Southeast Asian countries took seven of the top 10 positions as the most dangerous spots to access the worldwide web and the Internet.

According to the studies which I have been reading, the web users in Asia have a greater than one-in-five chance of encountering malware each quarter of the year thrice to the number in Africa. Most of the Asian countries have now become well known to security researchers and experts as the bedrock of cyber criminals. It is not secret anymore that Asian countries are now the most infected countries with estimated two-thirds of all Internet users in the region being infected by some sort of malicious software. The disappointing part of the study in my opinion is that it did not break down types of threats except in Asian countries with exception of Indonesia where Internet users are subjected to widespread Trojan horses, software applications infected with malware that are then sold online. The world’s ten riskiest countries for malware and botnets, according to the security reports are led by Indonesia
followed by China, Thailand is third, Philippines
is fourth and Malaysia
is fifth. The world largest democracy India
is sixth, Mexico seventh, UAE
eighth, Taiwan
ninth while Hong Kong is tenth.

Contador Harrison