Sophie Walsh is worth swooning over

Posted on January 21, 2018 12:54 am

Sophie Walsh, Australia’s Nine News journalist is one of those Tv presenters that makes me easily forget about rock stars, movie stars as she has proved to be far more interesting since she is smart, witty and, of course, good looking.Sophie Walsh is the perfect definition of beauty, brain and behavior. This 32 year old news anchor has her own way of sharing tweets and of cause anything related to her Tv shows on Nine News Sydney, where she does her work to near perfection. Michael Bodey book I read and reviewed, revealed why Australian TV presenting is far, far trickier than it looks. Sophie Walsh has made reading the autocue look natural, exudes confidence and affability, never show nerves and put everyone including her viewers like your blogger at ease. Walsh has proved that the very least requirement is a basic level of smoothly efficient competence and has mastered how to inject personality into proceedings. This past week, she posted a picture on her twitter account dressed in Victoria Beckham design, she looked gorgeous.Luckily for the adorable Walsh, she has one of the most elusive attribute that most young female presenters have, the ability to gel with viewers, who must like a presenter enough to invite them into their devices like your blogger and those at home, spend time watching. What differs with other TV presenters is that Walsh conforms to what is considered attractive in terms of youth and weight. In view, she is valuable for her intelligence and an aura of reliability. This is not to say that other young women who are working in Australian television industry are not equally capable or skilled.

Sophie Walsh current Twitter profile picture

A friend who lives and work in one of the big two Tv networks in Australia recently told me that life of a female TV presenter in Australia is a hard slog with fierce competition for limited jobs, particularly in major networks like Channel Seven, Channel Nine, Channel Ten, ABC and SBS where the top presenters gets most of the air time.I vividly recall in 2012 when Walsh as a reporter together with her Nine News colleagues filmed sickening scenes in Florence, Queensland where girls involved in a heated standoff with their father saw one of the girls cling to Walsh’s arm while their father attempted to take them inside, as a full time reporter in Sydney, no doubt her journalism career has grown in leaps and bounds.Having a sense of humor in modern day television is an added advantage and for Walsh, she has plenty of it.Having watched her over the years, she never take herself too seriously, it’s the television industry after all, she takes the tension away by always smiling.Walsh is not the type that think that being a reporter is just an easy way to get famous, because she is intelligent enough to know that fame doesn’t pay the bills. Walsh has in your blogger’s view just like Lisa Wilkinson harnessed her craft and respected it, thats why I can take her seriously in the real world just in case one day we ever met. Always looks prepared on air and it quite worth noting she seems to love what she do and doesn’t view it as a job as such.Walsh is the only person that knows her talents but has shown the viewers including your blogger her best side.

Contador Harrison